9th September 2013, First day advertising

Advertising the main backbone of media and today the first day of many i added knowledge about the subject.
For Example…

Different adverts use different techniques specific for the product they are advertising. I analysed the trailer for “KickAss 2” an action comedy film for young adults. In the trailer they used many techniques that are used for other movies of the action comedy genre such as using small clips that reflect the best parts of the film.

In the comedy genre they use many different small jokes within the film (mainly the funniest jokes) and edit them all together, then finally ending with a “punchline” joke that is memorable. Whilst in the Action genre they use many different small clips that are very fast paced to keep interest within the audience. They contain mainly action scenes with a voice over that gives a quick brief of the story which the small clips cannot describe.

Within the trailer of KickAss 2 it contains many of the techniques used above. It appeals to its target audience using the readings that appeal to the comedy-action genre. It has a preferred reading, it makes the audience laugh and it also amazes the audience with the continuos action. I feel that the people who watched the first kick ass will watch the second one as it has quite a large following. Regarding four quadrant audience, it appeals to young adults and parents as its humorous and has a lot of action. Regarding Geodemographics it will appeal to people who live in the city as the film is based in a city environment. 



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