DENGARYU- Yabe ikioi de suge moriagaru

DENGARYU- Yabe ikioi de suge moriagaru

A Japaneses raping group by the name of DENGARYU.

Generic conventions of a raping music video

An Urban setting- The raping genre originated withing the urban scene this is reflected within the music videos produced.

The group shot- Usually a group of people dancing with one person directly in front of the camera rapping.

Fast cuts- The fast cuts between shots are to keep up with the fast pass of the music. It the shots where to slow down it wouldn’t sync well with the fast rapping.

Usually little reference to the lyrics.

DENGARYU- Yabe ikioi de suge moriagaru

At the beginning of this music video it starts off with the beginning of the thunder birds theme. I feel they used this to show that there ready for action and as soon as the countdown is over the music starts. It then goes into shots referencing “Tokusatsu” which means special effects in Japanese.

Tokusatsu is often science fiction, fantasy, or horror and the most popular type of tokusatu is a type of film called “kaiju”. Theses are basically the old godzilla movies that use alot of explosions and action shots.There is near enough no specail effects and everything is filmed on cam.

Based on Goranger


Go ranger was a program from 1975 that aired in japan it is also known as “the origonal power rangers” i was watching the first episode of goranger alongside the music video and there was a ton of notable simularitys…

  • start of goranger includes the cast on varius vehicles riding along a rocky area of land, whilst in the video the first minuet includes the group riding on varius industrial vehicles.


  • They introduce the characters in both videos by having them do an action shot in (dengaryu it would be doing some industrial work and in go ranger it would be fighting) then a close up of there face with there name in the credits.


  • They both include shots of character’s jumping across the screen to show a certain action or movement.


  • The amount of explosions used in both videos. Each video used lots of explosions within there videos. The only small diffrence was some on dengaryus explosions where put in trough editing.


  • The idea of a group of 5 is used in both videos. Each of the individual cast members has there own unique personality that is reflected within how they act in the video for example “Triple M” in the dengaryu video looks very serious whilst in the gorangers video the green ranger gives off the same impression.


  • “The mountain shot”. this is a shot in which characters stand upon a mountain and look down to show they have power.


So yes Dengaryu i feel based there music video on the program go ranger.

The actual music video alltogher is about how the group feel like there “slaves” to their jobs. This is why there dressed up in industrial clothing, riding industrial vehicles and in many different job environments. The production as a whole is very low budget but there shots are positioned so well it looks like a professional music video that could compete with a top end high budget video.
altogether the music video has low budget yet very effective it gets its message across well the message being that they are slaves to society.