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After Day 1 of shooting I created this rough version of my preliminary task, so I could see what modifications need to be made.

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Notes for November 20

Back to the future

Introduction to main character

Ordinary world

Dramatic question
“Will he get back to the future

Turning point
Inciting incident

What to think about?

Opening montage
Protagonist -> other characters
-> traits in main character

Opening montage includes many clocks to reflect the theme of the movie “time” . It also includes many robots and technology to show its a fantasy sc-fi.
The introduction to the main character. He seems like an average teenager who likes music and plays an instrument an aspiring musician . The “Doc” character is introduced at the beginning but first appears on a telephone call mysteriously. When the teacher who gave out the tardy slips was describing him as “dangerous” this gives the doc a impression of a mysterious character that nobody in town trusts or socializes with.
There’s also an introduction to the protagonists love interest a typical love story where the to characters are discovering there love for each other.
The father of the protagonist is getting bullied by his boss and he can’t stand his ground. After that scene there’s a introduction to the rest of the protagonists family a nuclear family with a father mother and children. The mother is overprotective and cares a lot for her children.
The protagonist then receives a call from doc to meet him at the mall for an experiments. When he reaches the mall the doc is seen as not as a dangerous mysterious character but as a goofy professor with weird and wacky inventions.
His experiment which is a car that supposedly travels trough time when it reaches 88 miles per hour. It isn’t mentioned in the beginning that it travels trough time but rather decides to build it up for when the time travel takes place.
The doctor no longer seems goofy when his time machine actually works.
When the doc is explaining the time machine he mentions a date over and over Nov 5 1955 this sets up a plot point later on in the movie.
There was a plot point at the beginning where there was a new lady talking about stole by plutonium this was a set up to the scene where the doc explains he stolen the plutonium.

Set ups
Flyer about the clock being struck by lightning
Report as George does his homework
Grandad hits George with his car bird watching she’s the bird
They went to the enchantment under the sea dance she makes a comedy about if she didn’t go to the dance they wouldn’t of been born.

Set up and playoffs
Sci-fi and fantasy need set ups to emerge the audience in the world that is created.
Detective needs them to build the plot

Student Christmas Loans

 Student Christmas loans

12th day of llyodmas we gave you all money

12 Christmas trees

11 Bags of smarties

10 Massive parties

9 Hungry students

8 Christmas presents

7 Face’s are pleasant

6 Roasted dinners

5 Years till payback

4 Happy teachers

3 Happy Preachers

2 Minuet setups


This was a task set by sir to create a product/service and make a advert about it in 1 hour obviously the ads went up to professional standards. Our ad for “Student christmas loans” got mowed down fast by sir when he said that our ad wouldn’t of worked as students go home for christmas so a student christmas loan wouldn’t be very viable.




This advert from the 1950’s contains the characters of the beloved tv series “the flintstones” from the 1960’s. In 1960 at least one in every 9 households in America owned a tv set. The ad which was advertising cigarettes is shown in the flinstones backyard where the two main familys of the TV show are relaxing/working. The 2 women are doing work around the house whilst the two men are relaxing. the two men decided to move around to the back of the house to “have a nap” yet one of them decide to smoke a cigarette it follows on to them describe how good the cigarette is when there interrupted by there wife’s. It then goes to a shot where is fred and wilma in there house smoking cigarettes and singing a jingle.

I feel they used flinstones at the time as it was a fairly popular cartoon to be broadcasted in the early 60’s. It was well known as it was one of the few cartoons broadcasted and because cartoons was a fairly new concept for television they wern’t specifically aimed at children at the time. This is why they used it to broadcast cigarettes even though in 1965 tobacco advertising was banned. The ad is aimed at the over 18’s who could smoke cigarettes but it would be a family program so the children would when they reach that age, smoke as well.

During the ad the women doing all the work this reflects the idea in the 60’s as women do all the work at home. At the end of the ad the two women are fed up and they decide to have a smoke as well. I believe they had the women stop working to show that a cigarette can take you from your everyday woes.

KickAss2 10th Sep

Different adverts use different techniques specific for the product they are advertising. I analysed the trailer for “KickAss 2” an action comedy film for young adults. In the trailer they used many techniques that are used for other movies of the action comedy genre such as using small clips that reflect the best parts of the film.

In the comedy genre they use many different small jokes within the film (mainly the funniest jokes) and edit them all together, then finally ending with a “punchline” joke that is memorable. Whilst in the Action genre they use many different small clips that are very fast paced to keep interest within the audience. They contain mainly action scenes with a voice over that gives a quick brief of the story which the small clips cannot describe.

Within the trailer of KickAss 2 it contains many of the techniques used above. It appeals to its target audience using the readings that appeal to the comedy-action genre. It has a preferred reading, it makes the audience laugh and it also amazes the audience with the continuous action. I feel that the people who watched the first kick ass will watch the second one as it has quite a large following. Regarding four quadrant audience, it appeals to young adults and parents as its humorous and has a lot of action. Regarding Geodemographics it will appeal to people who live in the city as the film is based in a city environment.


Pokemon X and Y

In this live action trailer for the new Pokemon game they use a mixture of live action and CGI to show that its still a game. I feel they used this mixture to try and put across the message of you getting so wrapped up in the game it’ll be like your living a second life within the game.

When the Teens in the video are saying they “dreamed” about some of the features it would make others watching the video be curious why they dreamed about it they would think “well if they dreamed about it it must be good”.

They used teens both male and female in this advert to appeal to 3 major audiences of both genders. Children would want to play it as the game as a whole is aimed towards children simple as. It would appeal to teens as the people in the advert where teenagers this shows teens that Nintendo feel that the game is suitable for teens as well as children. Yes believe it! over 18’s as the franchise is currently 16 years old many adults may have followed the franchise trough (Speaking from experience i have met and spoke to many over 18’s that still love the franchise) so putting teenagers withing the ad the adults know its not childish.

During the ad they filmed in many different terrains and environments this is to show that its a worldwide release on the same day so that means wherever you are in the world it will be released on the same day.

Apple Silhouette 30th sep

During 2005 Apple realized an advert about there product the iPod. The advert featured many dancing silhouettes of people on a solid block of color with the iPod and the earphones in a white color making them stand out from the rest of the colors. The block of color continuously changed with each dancer. The music used was up beat and very fast, it was off the electric music genre.

The adverts look was very modern as the block of color wasn’t that complicated. This gave the iPod a look that made it seem futuristic and modern. Modern themes are represented as simplistic, different and abstract. People would associate Apple with being new and innovative. Another way the advert was represented as modern and futuristic is with the music. The music is the song “Technologic” by the group DaftPunk. DaftPunk are renown for there style of dancing music so just by having daft punk in the ad it automatically gives the impression of the future.

Radio report



We where set the task of creating our own news report for the radio. It had to include 5 types of news this included…

  1. General news- that would appeal to everyone e.g. The Syrian crisis.
  2. political news- news that involve politics.
  3. Business news- News about the economy.
  4. Regional news – News that apply’s to a certain region of the country.
  5. Entertainment news- Articles around celebrity’s and entertainment.
  6. Niche reporting- News about Health, science, technology, women’s, children and travel.
  7. Crime reporting- News about crime, this news shouldn’t be taken lightly.

My news report turned out well it didn’t quite hit the 2 minuet mark but i enjoyed doing it.

“Good morning im Jake wise and this is

Whats wise with Jake wise

In recent news a roadside bomb has struck a bus in Syria killing 19 people. A local government has this to say “Its not clear why the bus was targeted but Syria’s civil war has left over 100,000 people dead”.

In Great Barr a care worker and her boyfriend stole an elderly residents debit card. They withdrew the residents £3000 savings  by going on a 72 hour shopping spree.

On the political side of things Boris Johnson has claimed “forcing children to wear burkas to school is against our country’s values of liberty”. He was speaking after it emerged a number of secondary schools have forced children as young as 11 to wear full coverings outside of school.

in sport Sebastian Bower set the new world speed record for any man powered bicycle reaching over 80 MPH.

Lastly in entertainment Kanye West makes the BBC iron his carpet before his performance. He literally tore up the stage according to reports he didnt like the performance space and demanded it be rebuilt for his specifications.

WAIT news just in

13 shot at park in Chicago including a 3 year old boy who was shot in the head. No fatality’s.

Uk government borrowing fell by 1.3 billion in august this was less than expected.

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that all from me and remember stay classy Birmingham.”


Before a film is made commissioning has to be put in to effect. This usually consists of research, proposal and presentation. You have research, research your idea for a story find out background information and work on it.  Then you have to work on a proposal this proposal should include…

  1. A breif description of the story
  2. Where you wish to film
  3. An idea of the actors
  4. Budget (MOST IMPORTANT)

Then it goes to the proposal, a presentation that is pitched to a company where you would like your film to be made. They will then decide whether they would like to fund it or not.


Each  story you see follows a certain set of conventions this is known as the three act plot structure ….


In act one there are 3 main things that happen…

  1. The introduction of the protagonist and there ordinary world. This is at the start of the film its where the main character is introduced it should introduce a bit about its character what they are like personality wise. It also would introduce the world that the protagonist is living in for example in the film “kick-ass” the starting clip is a man in the city jumping off the roof. He is dressed as a superhero so we automatically think were in a world where people are superhuman with powers. We then find out that we are in fact in the ordinary world where people don’t have super powers all in the matter of 30 seconds that were in the ordinary world in which the audience live in.                       
  2. Next is the inciting incident this usually the point where the protagonist is involved in something where they have to make decision. This shows whats the protagonists wants, what the protagonists needs and what are there goals. Again I’m going to use kick-ass as an example. The scene where the main character is being mugged with his comic books stolen. His voice over explains that he’s fed up of being mugged and he feels that he wants to make a difference. 
  3. The turning point 1 within a movie is when a point in the movie in which something happens that changes the protagonists and creates a question that keeps the audience glued to the screen. In kick ass this is when the protagonists decides to help out this girl that he likes by responding to a letter as kickass. This opens up the question to the protaganist “should i carry on?” as he feels that its to dangerous when seeing other superheros.

Act 2

This is the point in the film which is usually 60 minuets long which is also filler. This is a major complication which affects the protagonist in which they will have to over come for act 3. In kickass this includes when the protagonist admits to the girl he likes thats hes kick ass then she tells him “dont be kickass” in which he takes redmist to bigdaddy and hitgirl (other superheroes) they get captured and bigdaddy dies (the problem).

Act 3

This draws towards the end of the film where the climax is then a resolution. In kickass this is when Hit girl decides to infiltrate the antagonists base and kill the mob boss. Yes in the end her and kickass blow the mob boss up with a bazzoka and then fly off into the sunset on a jetpack. In other genres like romance the climax and resolution usually involves a a public decloration of love humiliating the declarer.



Music list:
1: Anything goes- Overture
2: Take me or leave me- Indna menzal and freda wlaker

3: Mother knows best- Disney tangled Donna Murphy

4: Strangers in paradise- Vic damone & Anne Blythe

5: Dont rain on my parade- lea michele glee

6: circle of life- lion king Andrew haliday, carmen cusack and cast.

7: BOA Mt

8: Entract- phantom of the opera, origonal London cast

9: Winner takes all- Moma mia merail streep

10: pirates of the Caribbean stranger of tides- end credits Hans zimmer

11: Poor Unfortunate Souls – Sherie Rene Scott

12:  Hairspray – You Can’t Stop the Beat, cast of hairspray

In our team me and Abie set off to create a musical radio show. The show would run for an hour and it would include 12 songs. We decided that we should put our songs in a structure that reflected a actual musical. For example the starting song from a musical to the song that introduces a character, right to the end where we would play a giant finishing number.

Our Show would be aimed towards old people and children. As there isnt many new musicals out in the industry so many elderly people would recognize  songs from musicals from the past. Children because musical songs are usually upbeat and appeal to children as they tell a story as well as have catchy music. It would air on sundays at 3-4 as most people would have a day off. So its the perfect time for any radio show.

During intro of anything goes Abby : Hello and welcome to Abby and Jake’s Spotlight hour! We will be playing all your favorite show tunes so lets start off with a little something from the show Anything Goes!

1. Overture from Anything Goes

Jake: That was The Overture from Anything goes from the New Broadway Cast Recording. What a tune hey Abby!

Abby: It’s great, I love it.

Jake: Stay tuned for the chance to win free tickets to the Lion King at birmingham’s hippodrome. We’ll be telling you more later on in the show.

Abby: Just so that you listeners know, this hour is going to be set out like a broadway show- from Overtures to Entr’Actes. This is Spotlight, up next is Take Me or leave me from Rent!

Jake: Aw I love this version by Indina Menzel and Freidi Walker, enjoy people!

2. Take me or leave me from RENT!- Idina Menzel and Fredi Walker

3. Mother knows best from Tangled- Donna Murphy

Jake: That was Mother knows Best sung by donna Murphy who plays mother gothel in the disney film Tangled.  So Abby lets get Tangled up in some news from the Broadway Buzz!

Abby: thanks Jake, Well recently one of glee’s main actors, Corey Monoteith passed away a couple of months ago and there is a tribute glee episode on October the 10th with a variety dedicated to him. he will truly be missed by all glee fans. In other news Five-time Tony winner Audrey Macdonald was last seen on Broadway in the 2012 Tony-winning revival of The Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess, but all of her adoring fans will soon be able to see her perform live (sort of) in the upcoming live TV telecast of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music. Finally the sequel you never thought you would see on stage is finally making its West End debut. A live concert production of Grease 2 will play at London’s Lyric Theatre for one night only on January 27th 2014.

Jake: Up next is Vic Damone and Ann Blyth from the 1955 film Kismet with Strangers in Paradise followed by Lea Michele singing Don’t rain on my parade.

4. Strangers in Paradise from Kismet- Vic Damone & Ann Blyth (1955)

5. Don’t rain on my parade from funny Girl- Glee version Lea Michele.

Abby: Here’s your chance to win the tickets for The lLion King at the Birmingham hippodrome. The first person to comment on the facebook post on B2 radio will win the chance to see the show of a lifetime. So Jake is going to hum a song from Lion King the musical so just tell us which song he is humming!

Jake: Can feel the love tonight

Abby: Think you know it, comment now on B2 radio  on facebook. coming up we have a performance from one of our talented BOA musicl theatre students but now here is the circle of life.

6. Circle of Life from The Lion King-Andrew Halliday, Carmen Cusack and Chorus.

Jake: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome____ who is performing ____ on the Spotlight show!


Abby: Thanks that was amazing! We’re just over halfway through the show now, here is the Entr’acte from Phatom of the Opera followed by the winner takes it all from Mamma Mia!

8. Entr’Acete from Phantom of the Opera- Original London Cast

9. Winner Takes it all from Mamma Mia!- Merly Streep

Jake: wow meryl Streep is pretty good for a sixty odd something eh?

Abby: I wish I had a voice like that, she’s amazing!

Jake: Mamma Mia is such a great film for all the family! damn all i can say is thank for the music.

Abby: hahaha good one Jake, I just wish trhat there were more musical films in the world.

Jake: Well Gime Gime Gime some hans zimmer with the pirates of the Caribbean

Abby: For you Jake, I will.

10. Pirates of the Carribean on Strangers Tides, End Credits-Sounndtrack Hans Zimmer

11. Poor Unfortunate Souls from The Little Mermaid- Sherie Rene Scott

Jake: That was Poor Unfortunate Souls from The Little Mermaid. Well it’s nearly the end of the show now. Lets wrap this up with a big finishing number. What is it today Abby?

Abby: Today we have You Can’t stop the beat from the film recording of Hairspray.

12. You can’t Stop the Beat from Hairspray- Hairspray ensemble

Abby & Jake: Thanks for listening, tune in next time for some more wonderful musical moments with the Spotlight show!