Music list:
1: Anything goes- Overture
2: Take me or leave me- Indna menzal and freda wlaker

3: Mother knows best- Disney tangled Donna Murphy

4: Strangers in paradise- Vic damone & Anne Blythe

5: Dont rain on my parade- lea michele glee

6: circle of life- lion king Andrew haliday, carmen cusack and cast.

7: BOA Mt

8: Entract- phantom of the opera, origonal London cast

9: Winner takes all- Moma mia merail streep

10: pirates of the Caribbean stranger of tides- end credits Hans zimmer

11: Poor Unfortunate Souls – Sherie Rene Scott

12:  Hairspray – You Can’t Stop the Beat, cast of hairspray

In our team me and Abie set off to create a musical radio show. The show would run for an hour and it would include 12 songs. We decided that we should put our songs in a structure that reflected a actual musical. For example the starting song from a musical to the song that introduces a character, right to the end where we would play a giant finishing number.

Our Show would be aimed towards old people and children. As there isnt many new musicals out in the industry so many elderly people would recognize  songs from musicals from the past. Children because musical songs are usually upbeat and appeal to children as they tell a story as well as have catchy music. It would air on sundays at 3-4 as most people would have a day off. So its the perfect time for any radio show.

During intro of anything goes Abby : Hello and welcome to Abby and Jake’s Spotlight hour! We will be playing all your favorite show tunes so lets start off with a little something from the show Anything Goes!

1. Overture from Anything Goes

Jake: That was The Overture from Anything goes from the New Broadway Cast Recording. What a tune hey Abby!

Abby: It’s great, I love it.

Jake: Stay tuned for the chance to win free tickets to the Lion King at birmingham’s hippodrome. We’ll be telling you more later on in the show.

Abby: Just so that you listeners know, this hour is going to be set out like a broadway show- from Overtures to Entr’Actes. This is Spotlight, up next is Take Me or leave me from Rent!

Jake: Aw I love this version by Indina Menzel and Freidi Walker, enjoy people!

2. Take me or leave me from RENT!- Idina Menzel and Fredi Walker

3. Mother knows best from Tangled- Donna Murphy

Jake: That was Mother knows Best sung by donna Murphy who plays mother gothel in the disney film Tangled.  So Abby lets get Tangled up in some news from the Broadway Buzz!

Abby: thanks Jake, Well recently one of glee’s main actors, Corey Monoteith passed away a couple of months ago and there is a tribute glee episode on October the 10th with a variety dedicated to him. he will truly be missed by all glee fans. In other news Five-time Tony winner Audrey Macdonald was last seen on Broadway in the 2012 Tony-winning revival of The Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess, but all of her adoring fans will soon be able to see her perform live (sort of) in the upcoming live TV telecast of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music. Finally the sequel you never thought you would see on stage is finally making its West End debut. A live concert production of Grease 2 will play at London’s Lyric Theatre for one night only on January 27th 2014.

Jake: Up next is Vic Damone and Ann Blyth from the 1955 film Kismet with Strangers in Paradise followed by Lea Michele singing Don’t rain on my parade.

4. Strangers in Paradise from Kismet- Vic Damone & Ann Blyth (1955)

5. Don’t rain on my parade from funny Girl- Glee version Lea Michele.

Abby: Here’s your chance to win the tickets for The lLion King at the Birmingham hippodrome. The first person to comment on the facebook post on B2 radio will win the chance to see the show of a lifetime. So Jake is going to hum a song from Lion King the musical so just tell us which song he is humming!

Jake: Can feel the love tonight

Abby: Think you know it, comment now on B2 radio  on facebook. coming up we have a performance from one of our talented BOA musicl theatre students but now here is the circle of life.

6. Circle of Life from The Lion King-Andrew Halliday, Carmen Cusack and Chorus.

Jake: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome____ who is performing ____ on the Spotlight show!


Abby: Thanks that was amazing! We’re just over halfway through the show now, here is the Entr’acte from Phatom of the Opera followed by the winner takes it all from Mamma Mia!

8. Entr’Acete from Phantom of the Opera- Original London Cast

9. Winner Takes it all from Mamma Mia!- Merly Streep

Jake: wow meryl Streep is pretty good for a sixty odd something eh?

Abby: I wish I had a voice like that, she’s amazing!

Jake: Mamma Mia is such a great film for all the family! damn all i can say is thank for the music.

Abby: hahaha good one Jake, I just wish trhat there were more musical films in the world.

Jake: Well Gime Gime Gime some hans zimmer with the pirates of the Caribbean

Abby: For you Jake, I will.

10. Pirates of the Carribean on Strangers Tides, End Credits-Sounndtrack Hans Zimmer

11. Poor Unfortunate Souls from The Little Mermaid- Sherie Rene Scott

Jake: That was Poor Unfortunate Souls from The Little Mermaid. Well it’s nearly the end of the show now. Lets wrap this up with a big finishing number. What is it today Abby?

Abby: Today we have You Can’t stop the beat from the film recording of Hairspray.

12. You can’t Stop the Beat from Hairspray- Hairspray ensemble

Abby & Jake: Thanks for listening, tune in next time for some more wonderful musical moments with the Spotlight show!




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