This advert from the 1950’s contains the characters of the beloved tv series “the flintstones” from the 1960’s. In 1960 at least one in every 9 households in America owned a tv set. The ad which was advertising cigarettes is shown in the flinstones backyard where the two main familys of the TV show are relaxing/working. The 2 women are doing work around the house whilst the two men are relaxing. the two men decided to move around to the back of the house to “have a nap” yet one of them decide to smoke a cigarette it follows on to them describe how good the cigarette is when there interrupted by there wife’s. It then goes to a shot where is fred and wilma in there house smoking cigarettes and singing a jingle.

I feel they used flinstones at the time as it was a fairly popular cartoon to be broadcasted in the early 60’s. It was well known as it was one of the few cartoons broadcasted and because cartoons was a fairly new concept for television they wern’t specifically aimed at children at the time. This is why they used it to broadcast cigarettes even though in 1965 tobacco advertising was banned. The ad is aimed at the over 18’s who could smoke cigarettes but it would be a family program so the children would when they reach that age, smoke as well.

During the ad the women doing all the work this reflects the idea in the 60’s as women do all the work at home. At the end of the ad the two women are fed up and they decide to have a smoke as well. I believe they had the women stop working to show that a cigarette can take you from your everyday woes.

KickAss2 10th Sep

Different adverts use different techniques specific for the product they are advertising. I analysed the trailer for “KickAss 2” an action comedy film for young adults. In the trailer they used many techniques that are used for other movies of the action comedy genre such as using small clips that reflect the best parts of the film.

In the comedy genre they use many different small jokes within the film (mainly the funniest jokes) and edit them all together, then finally ending with a “punchline” joke that is memorable. Whilst in the Action genre they use many different small clips that are very fast paced to keep interest within the audience. They contain mainly action scenes with a voice over that gives a quick brief of the story which the small clips cannot describe.

Within the trailer of KickAss 2 it contains many of the techniques used above. It appeals to its target audience using the readings that appeal to the comedy-action genre. It has a preferred reading, it makes the audience laugh and it also amazes the audience with the continuous action. I feel that the people who watched the first kick ass will watch the second one as it has quite a large following. Regarding four quadrant audience, it appeals to young adults and parents as its humorous and has a lot of action. Regarding Geodemographics it will appeal to people who live in the city as the film is based in a city environment.


Pokemon X and Y

In this live action trailer for the new Pokemon game they use a mixture of live action and CGI to show that its still a game. I feel they used this mixture to try and put across the message of you getting so wrapped up in the game it’ll be like your living a second life within the game.

When the Teens in the video are saying they “dreamed” about some of the features it would make others watching the video be curious why they dreamed about it they would think “well if they dreamed about it it must be good”.

They used teens both male and female in this advert to appeal to 3 major audiences of both genders. Children would want to play it as the game as a whole is aimed towards children simple as. It would appeal to teens as the people in the advert where teenagers this shows teens that Nintendo feel that the game is suitable for teens as well as children. Yes believe it! over 18’s as the franchise is currently 16 years old many adults may have followed the franchise trough (Speaking from experience i have met and spoke to many over 18’s that still love the franchise) so putting teenagers withing the ad the adults know its not childish.

During the ad they filmed in many different terrains and environments this is to show that its a worldwide release on the same day so that means wherever you are in the world it will be released on the same day.

Apple Silhouette 30th sep

During 2005 Apple realized an advert about there product the iPod. The advert featured many dancing silhouettes of people on a solid block of color with the iPod and the earphones in a white color making them stand out from the rest of the colors. The block of color continuously changed with each dancer. The music used was up beat and very fast, it was off the electric music genre.

The adverts look was very modern as the block of color wasn’t that complicated. This gave the iPod a look that made it seem futuristic and modern. Modern themes are represented as simplistic, different and abstract. People would associate Apple with being new and innovative. Another way the advert was represented as modern and futuristic is with the music. The music is the song “Technologic” by the group DaftPunk. DaftPunk are renown for there style of dancing music so just by having daft punk in the ad it automatically gives the impression of the future.


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