Elise, the Spider Queen; or How Riot Forgot That Women Wear Clothes

Nhan Fiction

Hey, everyone! My name is Mandaray, or Gwenna when I’m playing League. I’ve been playing for almost two years now, but I’ve been a gamer for pretty much as long as I can remember. My usual fare when it comes to games are RPGs, shooters, and of course the occasional MOBA. I livestream these games as regularly as I can over on my Twitch.tv channel. When I’m not playing games, writing is one of my other passions. I believe that the written word is one of the most powerful and effective tools for education and change. As such, you can find me blogging about a variety of different subjects over at my blog, Note to Self. Today I was very excited to receive an invitation to join this blog, particularly so that I can write about a subject which is very near and dear to my heart: Female characters…

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