NA LCS Week 1: Supports overview

The first super-week of the summer split is over and it is time to dig into some juicy statistics. In this short article we will take a look at the North American Supports and their picks. Before the release of Braum, the players seem to have only two support champions in mind: Thresh and Morgana. The pair has dominated the scene this week by gathering all the bans against the support champions and at the same time having 10 picks each. Braum was recently confirmed to not appear in the LCS for another couple of weeks due to balancing issues, which means we will be seeing the same scenario with the two dominating the bot-lane in the weeks to come. In third place, Zyra managed to win the hearts of the pro players with her amazing poke in lane and team-fight utility and damage that she brings to the mid…

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League Updates- New Visual Updates and Champion Reworks 21st May

Riot Seb has created a new post on the NA forums detailing the new champion visual and gameplay reworks The post on the forums detailed various different champions that are being considered these include…


Skarner / Twitch –

Twitch / Skarner 

Our team’s mandate doesn’t end when updates hit Live – we aim to keep fine-tuning them until their foundational elements are sound. For example, we’re still working on a couple of Twitch’s oddities such as his ultimate rendering him unable to attack structures.

Skarner is a major ongoing focus at the moment, as his initial Gameplay Update had some issues that we’re still committed to solving. Skarner’s adjusted kit didn’t fully live of up to the fantasy players had come to expect when playing him, so we’ve been looking at ways to get back a bit of that magic while preserving his healthier new gameplay. As we mentioned in this thread, we’re currently experimenting with some passive / Q functionality tweaks aimed at increasing his stickiness, and we’re excited to see all you scorpion lovers try the changes out once we’ve nailed them down. We know this has been a major pain point for you Skarner players out there, and we’re hoping to get this next iteration on PBE within the next patch or two.



The huntress is a pretty polarizing figure, and we’ve slated her for an upcoming Gameplay Update focused on evening out her most abrasive elements while opening up a fresh gameplay pattern centered on a new ‘Hunt’ mechanic.

Nidalee’s current ability to project the bulk of her damage (and potentially massive damage at that) from extreme range with hardly any threat of retaliation is something we want to significantly tone down. Doing so will allow us to add some more interesting power in the form of ‘Hunt,’ a mechanic that creates interesting decision points by increasing Nidalee’s overall strength against Hunted targets, especially in Cougar form. Updates to some of Cougar form’s abilities that contextualize their effects based on target and facing will further help Cougar form mature into a more interesting and co-equal component of Nidalee’s engagements.

Head over to this thread if you’d like to chat with Riot Repertoir and learn more about the upcoming Nidalee GU.



Sona’s planned Gameplay Update is currently a bit more surgical than most – she’s got several existing strengths and high points that players love. Specifically, we’re currently exploring ways to make the choices attached to Sona’s basic abilities more exciting and looking at more satisfying uses of the power currently held by her auras. Ultimately, we want to condense Sona’s power into actions that create skill expression for Sona players, greater clarity of interaction for allies, and have possible counterplay for opponents. Doing so will allow us to create more meaningful moments for players with a champion that is still Sona, but with bigger pay-offs and a lot more to care about from moment to moment.



Fiora occupies a cool gameplay space, one we’d like to further by making her feel more like a fencer/duelist both mechanically (how her abilities function) and thematically (how her abilities look, sound, and relate to her identity). Currently, Fiora is mostly an Assassin, using all her abilities to jump on a squishy target and quickly deal tons of damage in the hope of killing it dead. While we’d like to elements of that play style, we also want to nudge her towards being more of a Light Fighter, dealing good long-term DPS, staying in or near the fight at almost all times, and satisfied to switch between targets as fights change/move. This means making her more mobile and elusive in fights, with bigger periodic damage spikes rather than one large burst at the start of a fight. We also want to make her more mechanically intense (using her abilities more frequently, with a better reward for using them properly).




Inorite? Everyone’s favorite undead juggernaut is firmly in our sights and has grown into one of our biggest projects. There are a lot of challenges here – to be frank, Sion is OLD, pretty much across the board. At the same time, he occupies an awesome and iconic thematic space, so from gameplay to art to creative background we’re taking a ground-up approach to re-tooling Sion into the best possible expression of his role as Noxus’ undying champion. He’s definitely a ways out (as I said, we aim to get it right!), but we can’t wait for him to reemerge and strike terror into mere mortals everywhere.

As I mentioned, we’d like to continue periodically doing updates of this sort when we send projects to PBE or Live. We’ll also be back with more specific discussions as the above projects (or others!) get closer to completion. Until then, happy rifting!




Youtube Has brought Twitch.TV for $1 billion

Youtube, the online media sharing site, has brought Twitch.TV for $1 billion dollars (£590). The Google lead team has taken over twitch as they took over youtube back in 2006 for $1.6 billion dollars (£980).

Twitch.TV is a site where users can stream content online for free and gain followers and subscribers. It is used to stream gaming content only with companies using it for competitive gaming and e-sports. It has held major gaming events such as the league of legends LCS.


Watchdogs Breaking Ubisoft First Day Sales


Watchdogs, Ubisofts most recent game has beat there personal sales records of all time they haven’t release figures.

The open world action-adventure video game which is set in a fictional version of Chicago where a hacker try’s to get revenge after the death of his niece. The game lets the player openly roam Chicago allowing load of interactions with the environment. The main protagonist Aiden Pearce goes around the city hacking various devices with his own personal hacking machine, his smartphone. With his army of apps, mainly the Profiler and the crime prevention system that allows him to access records of every citizen in the city. 

The combat system uses stealth and parkour kinda like the weird offspring off mirrors edge and Dishonoured. So basically you have to use stealth and parkour to get your phone to hack the enviroment to get past people or kill them.

Watchdogs is out now and is better than ever, looking forward to playing it myself.













Far Cry 4 To Be Released In November


Fry Cry Is a series that was originally created by Crytek back in 2004 with the original Far Cry, then it was taken over by Ubisoft in 2005 onwards.They have created many games and DLC in this series that have always been fan favourites over the years. Now Ubisoft has announced Far Cry 4 coming to PC, ps4 and Xbox one in november. Far Cry 4 is set in the fictional untamed region of Kyrat, in the Himalayas, currently ruled by a despotic self-appointed king (who i might say looks fabulous) and the protagonist is believed to be the survivor from Far Cry 3 Jason Brody. 

New Pokemon Game?!?!

Nintendo announced yesterday that they were releasing new Pokemon games in November called Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. The successful franchise that  was created  in 1999  by Satoshi Tajiri ,created my first ever Pokemon game in 2003 with Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire for the GBA.

Of course back then I didn’t have a clue on what to do (Guilty for levelling up my starter and nothing else) but I was young and Naive.But after a few play through’s and understanding what I actually have to do I gathered up my very first party which I still remember to this day. A Swampert called BIG, Ludicolo called LEAF, Claydoll called SPINNER, a Plusle and a Wailord called BIG MOMMA. Apparently at the age of 7 everything has needs to be in block capitals and I defeated the hoenn league for the first time with my band of merry Poke’s. Now I have all of that party saved on X and Y trough years of poke-transfers from game to game.

My excitement was over the roof when I discovered that Nintendo had released this video announcing the game…

I cant fathom my excitement for this but first lets go through the trailer its says “explore a dramatic new world” does this mean that there will be a new region? It will be fore the 3ds and 2ds out in November. All i can say is that iIcant wait 🙂