1390471_372062149593225_154700074_n Chris AKA the Solwolf a popular youtuber who creates league of legends content, created a video yesterday explaining how him himself is a member of the LGBT community. As a bisexual member with a preference towards men, the youtuber who says that he gets a comment every once in a while saying that he is gay and his viewers jump to his rescue to defend him. He follows on to talk about how he feels that they shouldn’t as it isn’t a bad thing. Then he literally decides to spill the beans and tell his audience he is bisexual.
Heres the video…
The very popular youtuber created the amazingly good series break the meta which features champions being played in different roles than they are usually played, this features such things as Sona mid, Jinx jungle  and AP shako support. This is only a few of the roles he’s has produced currently to this date  (Of april 29th 2014) 82 Break the metas with more to come. He also did a 8 hour charity live stream where he raised money for save the charity the children. His channel that has reached over 200,000 subscribers and reached over 17,000,000 views.  Anyway just a tad bit of news I feel like sharing I’ve been watching solwolf for a while now and it was just a good video I had to share it. Heres where you can reach Solwolf…



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