New Pokemon Game?!?!

Nintendo announced yesterday that they were releasing new Pokemon games in November called Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. The successful franchise that  was created  in 1999  by Satoshi Tajiri ,created my first ever Pokemon game in 2003 with Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire for the GBA.

Of course back then I didn’t have a clue on what to do (Guilty for levelling up my starter and nothing else) but I was young and Naive.But after a few play through’s and understanding what I actually have to do I gathered up my very first party which I still remember to this day. A Swampert called BIG, Ludicolo called LEAF, Claydoll called SPINNER, a Plusle and a Wailord called BIG MOMMA. Apparently at the age of 7 everything has needs to be in block capitals and I defeated the hoenn league for the first time with my band of merry Poke’s. Now I have all of that party saved on X and Y trough years of poke-transfers from game to game.

My excitement was over the roof when I discovered that Nintendo had released this video announcing the game…

I cant fathom my excitement for this but first lets go through the trailer its says “explore a dramatic new world” does this mean that there will be a new region? It will be fore the 3ds and 2ds out in November. All i can say is that iIcant wait 🙂






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