Watchdogs Breaking Ubisoft First Day Sales


Watchdogs, Ubisofts most recent game has beat there personal sales records of all time they haven’t release figures.

The open world action-adventure video game which is set in a fictional version of Chicago where a hacker try’s to get revenge after the death of his niece. The game lets the player openly roam Chicago allowing load of interactions with the environment. The main protagonist Aiden Pearce goes around the city hacking various devices with his own personal hacking machine, his smartphone. With his army of apps, mainly the Profiler and the crime prevention system that allows him to access records of every citizen in the city. 

The combat system uses stealth and parkour kinda like the weird offspring off mirrors edge and Dishonoured. So basically you have to use stealth and parkour to get your phone to hack the enviroment to get past people or kill them.

Watchdogs is out now and is better than ever, looking forward to playing it myself.














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