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Don’t Touch My Hexicles, The rebirth Of ChemCoCurls


Having left my youtube channel for a couple of months I decided to bring it back and make content again although I started my youtube channel for purely blogs and sketches. With my main audience being LGBT teens who are seeking help, after a year I decided to make my channel more personal. I recorded off and on for a while until I wasn’t inspired to make videos for a while.

Now I’m bringing it back with some gameplay as my passion in life is video games I will continue to create awe inspiring videos with the same bad quality that screams ChemCoCurls.

Recording Gameplay

Today I figured out how to record gameplay. There are many different software’s you can use to record game play from your computer theses are just some of them…

  • Fraps
  • Dextory
  • Camstudio
  • Camtasia
  • Razor Game booster has a built in game capture.

When recording gameplay the file sizes will be large the due to the recording software not having a compressor so i would suggest downloading something like Virtual dub to compress the file size so it can be uploaded quicker. When using a compression software like virtual dub you will need the right codec i would recommend Xvid for a game-play.