Cosplay Bringing Gaming Into Reality

Cosplaying Bringing Gaming Into Reality

I went to MCM expo last year and while pacing down the aisles I always try and guess what people Cosplay as, I saw people in Cosplay portraying such things as Thor, Aperture scientist’s and even Alien. Now for those who don’t know what Cosplay is, it’s where you decide to dress up as your favorite characters from video games, anime and cartoons.

For some people they take this as serious as work, they put so much work into the costumes they produce, I’ve seen prices as high a £1500 for a tailor made costume. Now when people decide to take it serious they make it themselves, this process can take up to 4 month’s and A LOT of practicing. When people make Cosplay it gives it a more personal feel than buying a costume but it can ruin the quality overall.

Cosplay has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years, with the culture increasing growing there have been many groups popping up all over the place. There are many different groups that join up and meet, exchanging tips for Cosplaying even exchanging Cosplay itself.

Now I’ve managed infiltrate my home towns Cosplaying group the Birmingham Cosplay guild where I asked some of the members what they feel about Cosplay in general and this is what I got…

When asking the people of Birmingham what makes them cosplay? Most people said that it made them happy but I feel that the main reason is that its a community. The idea where a group of people that like the same things as you can gather share common interests and different opinions on the stuff they like. The Cosplay guild meet up every once and a while in the centre of birmingham and they just hang out, all in cosplay ill add. One Cosplayer commented “Seeing so much inspiration from others cosplayers and their abilities and trying it out for myself”. This goes to show you that with such a big community everyone makes an impact on each other one way or another.


I then followed on to ask them How is it different from other hobbies? The biggest thing with this one was creativity everyone has it, its just how you decide to use that creativity is how you get there. Creativity and cosplay go so well together complimenting them both nicely to create a awesome costume. This brings me to my next question of how much time and money it takes up? Everyone steared down the path of you can order it online and it be expensive but quick or you can make it yourself and it take longer but its cheaper. If you make it at the end you get a sense of accomplishment, a sense that you’ve achieved a goal after a big investment and months of work.


Now Birmingham’s guild is just one of thousands across the world, and each one is bigger than the next. And the one place that these groups come to battle it out to find out which one has the better Naruto is at conventions. Of course we have the biggest conventions like Comic-con and Blizzcon that draw in the largest amounts of cosplayers. Conventions are the godsend to all Cosplayers its a chance where you can show off your skills within the community.


Cosplaying has always been popular, rewarding hobby that brings a whole community together. Next MCM expo i might just try cosplaying as Jayce with a paper mache mercury hammer. Oh yeah the new pokemon game features pikachu in different Cosplay. So cute.