JonTron A Factual Review


JonTron the ECH master himself is a content creator on YouTube that reviews games. He reviews games in a dramatic way in which he ties in story’s into his reviews that makes his content so unique and hilarious. In one of his reviews he goes so in depth with the history of the game, he acts it out as well. The games he reviews are old, pre 2000’nds such as Castlevainia, battletoads and Banjo Cazooie but also he reviews films such as the biggest flops of the century like Birdemic and food fight.

 Jon started his career back in 2010 with a review of the game Daikatana, but his popularity like most Youtubers didn’t start of until he had his hit video Dinocity shared on the front page of reddit. This increased his popularity tenfold and his unique way of reviewing things where known across the airwaves of the internet. The original comment on the reddit post was  “After watching this, video game reviews really aren’t the same anymore,”.

http://causeimdanjones.deviantart.com/ (check out his deviant art)

Shortly after this he co-founded  the ex Youtube partnership program normal boots that was turned into a regular website. On the website there are many different Youtube’s that post both exclusive and regular videos to Normalboots and YouTube.  So far they have recruited…

  • JonTron
  • PeanutButterGamer
  • Continue?
  • ProJared
  • TheComplitionist
  • Satchbag
  • And DidYouKnowGaming?

Jon works with the rest of the team at Normalboots collaborating with such things as doing some voice overs for the DidYouKnowGaming. A series that follows some of the facts you didn’t know about some of your favourite video games. All the content that Jon produces is showed a week before on the Normal boots a week before its put on YouTube (which is rarely because Jon doesn’t upload that often). He also joined the Polaris back in 2011 where he did collaborations with some of the biggest YouTuber’s out there. He appeared on the FRIEND ZONE panel at PAX east

That brings Jon to his next escapade where him and his good friend Arin (a famous online animator) created a very successful youtube channel called game grumps where they  play old video games. Although Jon and Arin were already very successful on there own but putting them together and we have a recipe of genius. There good friends the chemistry in the video reflect that. When the show started there channels have sky rocketed as viewers from either channel collided increasing the fan bases a whole. After a while Jon decided to focus more on his own show JonTron and left game grumps with a raver big shoes to fill in which DannySexBang from ninja sex party filled and now the show is bigger than ever.

Now Jon works towards creating content for his channel and his collaboration channel with polaris, his fan base continually growing as he recently grew to over 1 million subscribers.