American Horror Story Freakshow

The next bone chilling season on of american horror story is being aired thursday the 9th of October. This seasons main theme is freaks and everything freaky based within a circus thats been threatened to be shut down, Jessica Lange’s character Elsa Mars brings in a conjoined twin Sarah Pulson’s character Bette and Dot (Yes she plays both the CGI is amazing) as an attempt to bring the circus back into business. The protagonists of this season is twisty the clown played by John Carol Lynch according to Ryan Murphy is going to be the most terrifying clown you’ve ever come across. We have the regulars coming back as well with some new faces such as Even Peters as the crab handed man, Kathy Bates as the bearded woman and even for the first time Pepper from season 2 makes a reappearance this is the first time in AHS history where a character has appeared twice. Enjoy the new season of American horror story this thursday of FX.