Critical approach unit 6- task 1


Critical analysis

When creating  a product we must take four things into effect…

  1. Mis en scene – A phrase which describes the design aspect of a film or television. Telling a story both in visually artful ways through storyboarding, cinematography and stage design.
  2. Sound – Diegetic -Sound whose source is visible on the screens. And non diegetic sounds – Sound that is added afterwards.
  3. Camera – The angles, format, planning, management, color and lighting.
  4. Editing –  The CGI, pace, style, SFX, titles, graphics and transitions.

The Media triangle

Scottish Film Council

This triangle represents the three main components of a media text a media text could represent any type of media this includes video games, films or television program’s ect.

It explains that when a text is given to an audience the text includes different genres and meanings that appeal to certain audiences and what appeals to them audiences the producers use to make more and more media text. In a never-ending cycle.

Media sector 

My idea of the media industry is something that is powerful it controls everything. If a politician wants to run for something they will need the media to express there veiws and gain a following. If a budding music artist would like to share there music they would need the media to share there music. It affects us all all the time even if we dont realize it.

The Media controls us all regardless of what we do. What you watch on the TV, listen on the Radio or see on the internet  dictates what you may believe, wear or even the friends you hang around with.  This shows  us that the Media is the backbone of the  society influencing everybody. Within the lesson we learned how differently the media can be presented to us but it showed that it was 4 main formats…

  • Video: watching video gives the viewer a visual aid to what they are watching or experiencing, this may be show in multiple ways and on many formats such as… Terrestrial TV, cable, internet, video games, motion picture, mobile phones and other devices and trough disk.
  • Audio: This gives the listener a insight trough sound by listening to different things such as audio adverts or music this is shown in many formats such as… AM-FM radio, DAB/HD radio, podcasts, mobile phone and other devices, disk, internet.
  • Graphics and text: These are mainly used for advertising in the real world may it be by billboard or newspaper.
  • Film: film is shown trough motion picture with many different genres that appeal to everyone.

In the UK broadcast industry these things are broadcasted over three main mediums.

Radio, different shows going on all the time with there own unique charm appealing to there niche market. Commercial radio can be broadcasted on a local, regional, national and international scale with radio shows such as Capital, local to birmingham or Radio 1 on a national scale broadcasting  across the UK.



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