Unit 1: Pre Production – Task 1


Pre production is the backbone of every production, all the paperwork you do before a production adds up giving


Storyboards basically gives us a small snapshot of would be expected within the production itself, Its a a pre visualisation of the final outcome. It gives a chance for the whole production team to sit down and talk about what is needed within the production.An example of this is with the animation studio Pixar, they have whole rooms dedicated to the storyboard so the script writers can speak with the director to bring everyones vision to life. The storyboard can be used in different ways depending on what department would be using it. For example when the art department need a reference on what props or costumes they need to create. The cinematographer and the camera team can use it to set up what shots they need to shoot or give them a ruff idea of what is expected within each shot like where they can position things, actors props ect. Lighting team can use it to decide what lighting they can use to reflect a mood in a certain scene. Editing can use it to give them an idea on what shots and scenes go where. When creating my FMP I will use my storyboard to help me take my vision come to life, I’m not very good at choosing what angles to use so I would follow the storyboard for reference.


Budget tells us how much money is being split up and spread out throughout each department , it shows us where the money is being spent in each department for example when looking into what we might need to get for the talent you could see that you would need to pay the producer, consultants and actors. An budget should include the essentials for a production such as travel, catering, cameras , lights ect. It would also go into what unit of measurement we would need , for things such as hiring talent it would tell us what days we booked them for and how many days. This would be useful when making the production schedule because you could work your days of filming around how many days the actors are booked for. The art department use it for looking into how much money  they have to spend on the props and costumes, they have money for the crucial props needed in which they go out and buy. For my FMP the budget wouldn’t be needed because the school isn’t giving us money for production cost as all the equipment and crew are internal.

Casting is the process of which producers and directors choose which actors they would feel would be perfect for the role. It would  be a series of auditions Actors would get hold of an audition and would have to produce an short monologue and piece just so they know that the actors is legit and worth the time of the casting agents. Casting is crucial for the production due to the importance of the actor having to portray the charters to the directors specifics. It can be used by the art department as they can base costume and props and actors around it.  With my FMP it would be important for me to cast correctly to reflect the diversity within BOA spreading it out trough each pathway, it would also add to the quality of the product as a whole. For my single camera drama we held auditions to see what actor would for the part perfectly.

Hiring crew is important for a production because you want a trust worthy crew that can handle the job to the best quality. Checking crews past employment history or there showreel is important for hiring crew  as it shows how much experience they have and if they are reliable or not. Within my FMP I will chose my crew effectively so the product I produce, everyone in the crew must get along and stick to the roles Ive hired them for.

Location Scouting  lets us go out and discover locations that could be suitable for the production, giving multiple locations can give the crew multiple location to choose from. When scouting for locations many different things need to be taken into account such as risk assessments, where someone would have to  go to the place and see what risks would be there for example if they were filming in a power plant they would have a field day going around looking out for things that could potentially go wrong and things that would prevent them. For my FMP although location scouting is important the FMP is based around my college so would only need permission on where to film, everything else would be easy as I know my college well. Location scouting is important for may different departments such as the camera operators so then they can plan what kind of equipment they need, taking into lights into account ect.

Risk assessment are used to scout out a location and check if the location is suitable for filming purpose. They have to check at the location of ratings that may go wrong for such things as if theres any dangerous areas, where the plugs and water sources are, the fire exits and the fire assembly point. this benefits everyone within the production as it benefits everyone on a safety level. I had to carry out a risk assessment on my music video as going to a place that wasn’t familiar (well at least not to the rest of the team as it was the sam leaders house) and we had to go to the house to check for any potential dangers.

Sourcing Props And Costumes are used to bring a character to life being as simple a white shirt to a full costume of a dinosaur but the prop and costume department is responsible for this. You have to work with the script writers as they will create a script with characters and it will be the art departments job to create it. They have to work with the budget people to see how much money you have to create all the props and costumes. For my FMP I will have to check which props and costumes I would need to represent BOA for example everyone would have to wear appropriate school uniform to show off our strict uniform standards.

In the film the fifth element Milla Jovovich has to dress up as a futuristic being. The costume department did a good job in creating a cyber punk feel to her character.

Hiring Equipment may be important if you need specialised equipment for a certain part of your film or you may just not own a the equipment yourself so you would need to hire the equipment so you can actually make the film. The budget department would need this information as they would need to know how much money it would cost to hire out certain equipment. In the film the desolation of smaug theres a scene where all the hobbits are riding in barrels down a river, the creators of the film wanted to give it more realistic feel to going down the rive run a barrel so they attached to what a presume some go pros to the barrels and took some shots from there. I wouldn’t know if they own go pros but if they didn’t they would go out and hire them or buy them. For my FMP I would have to hire the equipment out.

Production Schedule’s are crucial for any production as it gives the crew a sense of what should happen and when it should happen. Its basically a calendar where you plan all the elements from meetings, recces, filming, editing and delivering the film. The production schedule is extremely tentative meaning its constantly changing as the production grows its should be easy enough so everyone regardless of role can understand what needs to be done and when. For my FMP I have to create a production schedule so I can electively meet my deadlines and carry out my production smoothly.

Legal and ethical requirements are used to prevent any lawsuits and other legal problems that can occur for example when you book equipment or get a actors real ease you have to know when them things are required when your filming.

Media Regulators set rules and regulations that all media pieces should try and follow. For example the ASA (advertisement standards Authority) will be a regulator you will be looking at if you are creating an advertisement like our FMP. Within that regulator they will have guidelines to follow with tour FMP and the ASA’s requirements we will have to look into there polices on children which state you will have to take into considerations what time and where the advertisement is placed also it has a section on if a child actor is being used with the obvious parts like children must not be represented badly. This would be crucial for our FMP as we will be working within a school and aiming our piece toward children ages 15+

Copyright/ Trademark / Intellectual property it gives the author specific rights in relation to their work it prohibits unauthorised actions and allows the author to take legal actions against plagiarism and infringement. Copyright is essential for a movies health as it prevents anyone for copying what content you have created and distributing as there as there own work. Whoever had funded your project may have different terms and conditions on where they want to distribute the movie so before you arrange these terms with a negotiated brief (a brief discussed by the client and the producer).  With my FMP it will be important to go trough the right legal actions so the content won’t be removed from the internet using copyrighted material.

Scripts are the life and soul of a production. A scriptwriter would create a script from the concept of the production and sit down with the rest of the production team which is called a read trough the read trough is an essential part of a production it gives the actors, directors, producers, and writers a chance to listen to how the script sounds and what each scene will be like. The director would usually  give a full read trough and description of what the scene is with description of whats happening for example “jenny sat there with a scared look as the madman stands there next to the dead body”. This is essential for any film with dialogue as it gives the crew a feel of how it will be like before the film is even filmed. For my FMP I will create a script to follow and base the storyboard off it, i will then continue to base decisions on things on  whats in the storyboard and script. As a professional example of this the BBC3 programme being human sums up what happens within a read trough and compares to the scenes used in the final cut.

Meetings and agenda/minutes keep each production in order, regular meetings with the whole crew gives everyone a chance to say where they are with in the production it also lets people know what they need to do and what is needed of them. The minutes and agenda of the meeting records how long the meeting was and what was discussed within the meeting this should be done within every meeting so people can come back and refer to the agenda/minutes. For my FMP I may want to have a meeting with the clients to discuss ideas that would propose, I would have to take notes of what id discussed within the meeting and refer to back at a later date.

Contact lists are a requirement that needs actors and crew to put down contact details so that they can be contacted when they are needed for filming. For my FMP if i was going to us actors i would take the actors details so i could easily contact hem

Call sheets is a schedule that is created on when figuring out days of filming, Its created by the production manager . A call sheet has times ,dates ,crew and actors are required this saves a lot of time and money as you won’t be wasting time or money on actors that rant needed on certain days. The acting department and the production crew would use this a lot as it outlines where and when there needed on days of filming. For my FMP call sheets will give my production some structure letting me successfully know where I’m filming and who and what is needed on the day. For my music video my production team created 2 call sheets for the two days we were filming these included what scenes we where filming and when.

Location and studio plans map out what space and equipment that is available within the production space your filming in. I will be using the TVs studio for my FMP so i will be mapping out exits ,cameras and sockets that are available.

Treatments are there to explain the story of the piece, commenting whats happening within the piece its self  its usually wrote after the ideas stage before the first draft of the story. It should include a tag line a description of the story usually detailing characters, locations, time and era it is in. This is important for many different people within a production such as the script writer to use it as a basis for a script also The director to get a feel of the story and to help develop it further. For my FMP I will be required to create a treatment for my clients so they know what product i’m producing they can bring up any problems they have with the story before I write the whole script.




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