Unit 3 – Research – Task 1

Research notes- use many different research notes as possible

What is research? looking at a specific thing and getting the facts and opinions on that topic.

quantative – research based on measurable facts and information that can be counted and produced in graphs

secondary reserch – using existing information that has been gathered by other people often available in magazines  books and websites

qualtive- research that is based opinions attitudes

primary resercach- original research to obtain new information using techniques such as interviews questionares  and focus groups


open question – things that require more than yes or no

closed question – yes or no


essay checklist—

do a table with primary on one side and secondary on the other split them two up into quality and quantative. Then give examples of each.

a senses look up the readership.

advantages and disadvantages of primary and secondary and qualitative and quantative ++++

diference on opinions and fact not a fact yet because its an opinion. check if its been proven can’t call it a fact until its proven by multiple people.

Make sure that you can verify that your sources are real  check check and double check.

how using a question are to write data- use graphs and figures and percentages. choose what method woks best deepening on the topic. google docs.

quantative (research using things such as servays act the numbers one DATA DATA DATA anything that is data thats been done by someone else secondary quantative) and qualitative (finding the fuller answer for example instead of using yes or no the quality of the response focus groups using a book as secondary qualitative research check if )

refer to primary and secndary research  your

why do we undertake research

Research to me-


The essay

Research is crucial for any production or product that is being created, getting information on a certain topic and building on the information with your own. Research lets a content producer get information on things they previously didn’t know for example when filming about animals in a factual piece its important that you toughly do your research to know everything about the animal. For me research means a solid foundation you can base the rest of your work off of  Research can be classified in different ways such as…

  • Primary- this  original research is carried out by yourself typically trough questionnaires, focus groups and interviews to obtain new information specific to your needs. Primary research gives the producer control over the research they produce although it won’t be fully controlled it will give them a chance to choose what questions and people to ask.
  • Secondary- this research is research that was carried by other people. there are many  different ways you can obtain this information such as books, forums, spoken word, reports and previous  research done. The benefits to this research is that it saves time and money in research costs but the information could be unreliable and that could jeopardise content you produce.
  • Quantitate- research based on measurable facts and information that can be counted and produced in graphs. This information is all data and it shows us what research is as a collective problems with this include, the information is very generalised and doesn’t go into special situations that could happen.
  • Qualtive- research that is based opinions attitudes. This gives researchers more of a specific answer, for example instead of just asking what someone liked about something they can explain why they liked it. Problems include this takes a lot of time and money because methods include interviews and focus groups and that could take a while to set up.





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