SWOT analysis of TV advertising

I feel my strengths in this unit laid with the coming up with ideas aspect of the advert. As we had at least 6 different concepts before we decided to finalise with one of them. I came up with at least %80 of the concepts, yes some of them where completely terrible but it’s a learning curve.
I contributed a lot to the pre production sides of things as well.

When the actual production came into effect I didn’t really step up to my full potential as we didn’t need sound in our advert I couldn’t hone my skills in being a sound man so I just said what shots we needed to do and what is in each shot.

With the skills I learnt in this unit I know how to successfully complete pre production work for a project. I know how to effectively produces ideas to suit a certain specification.

Next time I wish to hone my skills in the practical sides of things for the next production were gonna do. I feel my pre production is top notch and I need to just develop my skills on the practical side if things.


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