Unit 30- Advertising methods

Advertising the main backbone of media and today the first day of many i added knowledge about the subject.

Many adverts use different techniques to get the viewers to watch there content..

Celebrity endorsements- theses rely on celebrity to boost hype for certain products. If a celebrity endorses a product that celebrity otherwise known as a opinion leader, would get there followers to buy the product as well. A notable example is when onedirection advertised Pokemon black and white, a product they wouldn’t ever be associated with but nintendo decided to real in there fanbase.

Demonstration- this is when a product is demonstrated to show how it works if it works and why its better than other products out there. An example is all late night infomercials on random kitchen blenders and mega vacuums.

Identification- This is all about relating to the audience with situational story’s, emotions and mirrors the target audience.

Emotion- Emotion relies on getting the viewer to connect with the advert on a emotional level.

Humour- This makes the viewer laugh at the content making it memorable.

alliteration – This relies on the advert repeating itself to get into the viewers memory.


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