The McDiary task 3

We had been given the task of creating an advert for our advertising unit of Mr Prices work. Of course i was exited as i was finally getting a chance to go and produce something. So we where put into our groups and of course me and Callum where in the same group along with Eden, Lilly and Gemma. Initially i thought “oh god this group again we aren’t going to get anything done” (well i know thats what sir thought) but to my surprise we actually got work done in our first 2 lesson we came up with concepts we could of used for an advert at the start there was “Unicycle extreme WX40” an unicycle advertised by a clown that turned into a business man. The idea was to promote alternative ways to get to work but unfortunately the main actor who could actually unicycle wouldn’t and couldn’t help us.

So with our group we put our heads together and  thought of the idea of advertising a burger. The burger would be called “the meateor” and it would feature a burger layers with various meat and it was deemed “the meatiest burger yet”. The advert concept was to feature a group of students walking out side of BOA and a meteor would fall from the skies right in front of them. Looking shocked the students would peer over the edge of the crash sight and the meateor would be in the crater and this would promote the idea that our burger is “out of this world”. It would then cut to the cliche burger on a white pedistol rotating on 360 degree turn. The burger itself would be a perfect burger that wouldn’t look like the actual burger but we would would put a disclaimer at the end. It was eventually scraped as the burger itself wouldn’t be that popular as our research showed us that healthy foods are coming increasingly popular and the meateor wouldn’t have a place in the market.

Our groups next brainwave wasn’t a success we decided to do an advert like our radio advert with minute maid lemonade but it was short-lived and wasn’t really developed. We looked to sir for a preplanned idea and we got unicycles to advertise. We quickly got our group tougher decided roles and went off.

Our group roles where…

Me- Technical director
Lily- Directors
Callum- Researcher, Actor
Gemma- Prop Manager
Eden- Production Manager

I feel we didn’t do as much work as we could at the beginning of the unit but then when we got to it we worked well we are currently using a year 13’s folder to help us shape our own folder. But again there wasn’t another fault as the main actor of our advert one of BOA’s  science teachers couldn’t make the time to dress up as a clown and ride around Birmingham on a unicycle.

So we had to come up with another concept  of the McPizza an old concept the mcpizza was McDonalds version of pizza in the late eighty’s and was eventually scraped due long preparation times. It took eight minuets to cook and this put people off as McDonalds was seen as “the fast food restaurant”. McDonalds takes on average 3-4 minuets to prepare food.

So we came up with the idea of having a precooked based and just adding the sauce and cheese and heating it up reducing the once 8-minuet time to prepare to an easy minuet and a half.Pizza’s are getting more popular with the uprising of low priced personalised pizzas for around 99-£1, for a small average pizza of cheese and tomato.

Before we changed our idea we researched into all the Halloween adverts McDonalds have previously done. They all included children going to MacDonald’s.When we asked people if they enjoyed MacDonald’s nearly 100% said they enjoyed it. Then we asked if they liked pizza and again 100% said they do.  (evidence on paper in our folder)

Opening scene of two people walking down the street with happy cheerful music, with them having a conversation, discussion  of hunger, with the dilemma that they have to go to college and they are going to be late again if they don’t get something that is quick to make and been given.
Then there would be a shot of a zoom close up into person one walking in late with a plain sandwich with him standing out at the door with a very annoyed, fed up tone to his face, then with a shot of the teacher glaring of his glasses.
After there would be the end of the flashback, with them walking past towards MacDonald’s, gets a McPizza, then there would be a description of the pizza , then on the ending scene there would the person one early for lesson waiting for his class mates to come in with a a pretty happy look on his face.

An updated Mc pizza script

Script in a voice over done by Callum.

“The street food revolution and the student takeover represent”


“Getting food making you late”    (lecture theatre scene)

“Just in need of a good value snack?”  (Walking in shot)

“The new face of fast food”


(Cliché food rotation scene)

“We prepare it quickly, so you’re not late for class” (happy lecture theatre scene)

After reviewing footage we shot we decided to change the script and the advert as a whole as we felt it didn’t feel our acting and the footage we got was good for a high grade.

We redesigned our whole advert so its now about dub step we brainstormed quickly as we didn’t have a lot of time to discuss what to do we quickly came up with a idea and reworked all the pre production for the new advert.

We filmed at gemmas house to certain effect i was the person who prepared the equipment  and told what shots we needed to do. All together it was a more successful than our previous shoots which we lea nerd form out mistakes.


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