“Precious” Film analysis

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A story following the life of Claireece “Precious” Jones. Set in 1987 Harlem. Precious had the life no one would want, 2 times pregnant by her father and living with her sadistic mother who loves to torment her both emotionally and physically. She is cursed with not knowing how to read or write. But is granted with a opportunity to change all that and start a new.

In cinemas 29th of January 2010 Precious a Lions Gate film directed by Lee Daniels with a budget of $10 million and getting $63,647,833 in the box office, won a total of 80 awards and 137 nominations. This film based on the book “Push” by Sapphire is of the Drama genre.

Many films of the drama genre follows certain conventions to appeal to the audience. Exhibits real life situations with realistic characters, settings, and stories. It portrays journeys of character development and Intense social interaction. The major purpose of a dramatic story line is to move the audience emotionally for example in Precious the audience feels sympathy towards the main character due to the hard life she has.Drama is all about conflict. Conflicts include realistic struggles depicting hardships. Audience’s can relate to characters Structured with climaxes and anti climaxes to keep them emotionally attached.

Dramas are very easy to tie into many different genres because dramas are all about emotion putting them with other genres would be simple as the emotions would be amplified with the drama. For example horrors are about making the audience feel fear with drama the emotion would be amplified.

Story structure

Claireece and her mother

It opens with Clarieece doing a voice over about her life she explains that she was pregnant twice by her father and she has dreams but she’s stuck in harlem. This introduced the main protagonist and the ordinary world she is in. The protagonist is a 16 year old girl who’s very mature for her age she’s illiterate but still manages to gather good grades in school where nobody cares.  She’s in love with her english teacher and has dream about him once, she goes as far as enough to defending him from a round class by shouting at people who was interrupting. She thinks she will just get by in school but she’s wrong as she finds out she’s being excluded because the principle has found out she is pregnant with her fathers 2nd child. This is known as the inciting incident, a essential piece of plot that requires the protagonist to make a choice.

The principle offers Clarieece a chance to go to a specialist school where she can learn in a different way. This introduces the main antagonist her mother, a self absorbed abusive drunk that enjoys hurting Claireece both emotionally and physically. This can be seen when she throws a frying pan at Claireece but fortunately she dodges. Her mother isn’t fond of Claireece and only has her around for benefits and


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