Ok Go- here it goes again

Ok Go are renown for there innovative and creative music videos. After watching a few of there music videos i have came to the conclusion that many of there music videos don’t have a narrative but they are more on the creative side of the music video market. The videos don’t have any meaning either they are simply for artistic purposes. This is the case for nearly all of there videos.


In the music video  it features the band of OK Go on various treadmills doing a choreographed dance. The band are dressed up in there normal outfits they wear (after Google searching what they wear its similar to there usual style). This style seems to be a retro style, looking at modern fashion retro fashion is in right now. The room in which they are

The dance consists of the band jumping and walking on the treadmills. its was choreographed perfectly and probably took many takes before they got it perfect as i would believe that the it would be difficult dance. The choreographer for the music video is trish sue. it was performed live at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards and won a 2007 Grammy Award for best short-form music video.  She went on to choreograph a few other of the other music videos by OK Go!


This Music video to me has no extra meaning other than too look visually appealing to a audience that is watching it.the lyrics don’t mean anything to the music video.  My over all impression of the is music video is that its an amazing visual music video, very original and creative. Its just to show you that a music video doesn’t have to have a narrative to be entertaining.


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