Passion Pit -Sleepyhead

Sleepyhead is a music video for the group called passion pit an American indietronica band from Cambridge, Massachusetts, formed in 2007. The song in general has been used in the award winning game franchise little big planet (even if they got rid of the vocals). 

Indietronica (also called Indieelectronic) is a music genre that combines indie, electronica, roc kand pop music. Typical instruments used in indietronica music are the electrickeyboard, synthesizer, sampler,software synthesizer, MIDIcontroller, and drum machine (

The music video as a whole is a artsy music video using the VERY early animation technique called a Phenakistoscope this requires a circular device that spins around in motion to create an looping animation. In the music video the Phenakistoscope shows the lead singers face singing with cuts to hands clapping along the beats . The background of the music is dark and black whilst the Phenakistoscope is white with lights shining on it.  It then carry’s on to show spiraling colors around the Phenakistoscope.

The pictures shown on the Phenakistoscope could mean different things for example when the eye opens and closes it could symbolise the sleepy head part of the song. whilst the clapping and the drum and the face just symbolizes the singing of the song.

Heres the variation of the song thats got no vocals



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