Music videos Background

What is a music video?
A music video is an visual representation of an artists piece of music. A music video to me is a way in which musicians can express themselves in an visual and an audio form. It was a way to reach out to different audiences by introducing it on a TV format this assured that the viewer could remember and associate not only just the music but the music video as well. The first commercial music video released was Queens “Bohemian Rhapsody” in 1975.

Top of the pops

Top of the pops was a program that aired in 1964 on BBC. It featured a host named Jimmy Savil and he presented the latest music in the charts in the form of live performance’s. Back in the 1960’s the only way for music to reach the masses was trough radio or live performances. So a program that gave us Music visual aid and live performances was taking on quite well and was very popular as it was then seen as the place for popular music. The first show aired on 1st January 1964. The opening band was The Rolling Stones, who had just made No.13 in the chart with ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’.

So if it was so popular why did it stop?

According to its website its got to much competition with different mass media outlets and the discovery of  new genres, which let the viewer view music suited to there needs.

“Unfortunately, in a rapidly changing musical landscape Top of the Pops no longer occupies the central role it once did. Over recent years the show has faced ever increasing competition from multi media and niche musical outlets which enable viewers to consume music of their choice, any time night or day, in a way that Top of the Pops simply can’t deliver in its current weekly                                                                                     format.”                                                               


MTV is a music channel that was aired in 1981 to serve the only purpose of posting music videos for the general public. Before there was music videos but there wasn’t a complete TV channel devoted to music videos but MTV revolutionised the music industry as a whole it is no longer about the music but the look as well.

Artists begin  to focus on how the look more to try and visually please the listeners more this was a whole new music industry as a whole. I feel that this change happened because it would be easier to look visually pleasing then edit the music in pre production then to create and compose music that would take allot of time.  I feel as a whole that the music industry is more driven by money over the past 20 years or so. With the introduction of tv shows about the public performing like x factor and Britans got talent it gives everyone the chance to become a star and people can form a star out of anyone.


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