Our music video





Job Roles:

Saima: research, filming directer

Charlotte: research, production manager, stylist

Jake: Actor, creative directer

Lauren: Actor, Story board artist, research

Eden: Idea, research, story board planning, camera

Abby: location rece, story board planning, camera

Che: camera

editor- group effort

12 Week production Schedule:

Week 1: Find song, research (questionnaire, techniques on present music videos)

Week 2: Planning ideas for music video with presented research- narratives, begin planing storyboard

Week 3: Storyboard

Week 4 + 5: Finish Storyboard, risk assessment, location loci

Week 6: Call sheet and production schedule

Week 7 + 8 + 9: filming

Weel 10 + 11+ 12: Post production

Production schedule



Atoryboard/shot list

location rece

risk assesment


production board

shooting schedule








hey ruth i don’t mean to listen in, but these walls are paper thin, you know hey ruth i heard the fighting last night, he doesn’t treat you right at all so maybe you don’t even know my name just open your eyes and i know you would feel the same way hey ruth the truth isn’t always clear, it’s hard to see when you’re so near hey ruth he wants to suck you dry, you’re out of luck, too blind to see the way that he treats you is a crime don’t let him hold you back this time, no no no i know that you probably can’t read my mind but why is it so hard to leave him behind now hey ruth we all want to leave this highrise, move onto bluer skies, i know so turn off that tv set and get on your feet again, remember the times when you were free

Story along with Lyrics


Beauty sitting on bench- reading book then Gaston comes over- showing relationship

Hey ruth I don’t mean to listen in

Beast looking glum

But these walls are paper thin you know

Beast looks over-sees beauty and Gaston not getting on

Hey ruth I heard the fighting last night

2 door scene- beauty+G fighting, beast sad

he doesn’t treat you right at all

beauty looking sad

so maybe you don’t even know my name

beast cycling down lane

just open your eyes you feel the same way

beast determined look- about to do something

hey ruth the truth isn’t always clear, it’s hard to see when you’re so mean

beast marches up to door with rose. Beauty answers but Gaston pushes through shoo’s beast away- sad look

Suck you dry… your out of luck to blind to see

Gaston purposefully walking- angry finding beast

The way he treats you is a crime

Gaston finding beast and grabs rose stamps to the ground

But don’t let him win you back this time-oh

Beast looking sad, comes up with new idea

Beast  and beauty sets out picnic on grass , dancing laughter tea cups ect  she leaves

I know that you probably can’t read my mind

Beauty goes and breaks up with gaston fight!

But why is it that hard to leave you behind so

Beauty looks sad, holding  stamped rose

Hey ruth we all want to leave this highrise

Beast goes to her, gives her a hug holds her hand they walk off

And move onto bluer skys you know

Walking down the lane happy together

So turn off that TV set

Gaston shout at beginning of lane trying to say sorry

And get on your feet again

Gaston sees bike from beginning rides down lane

And remember the times when you were free

Gaston falls off bike couple don’t notice

Hey ruth, hey ruth, hey ruth,

Shots of beauty and beast being happy together- pinic shots, teacups, end with beauty and beast reading book on same bench as beginning.

End with a clip of wilting rose in reverse.




For our music video we decided to take a more narrative stance on music videos then perforative stance on things.

Starting off we were put into our groups and i got placed into a group which i had never ben in before, thought it was a good change of pace from the people I’m usually with. Its also good se how i could work with new people and all tougher the people i worked with were brilliant and we where a close team and everyone contributed equally . Abby as always was a brilliant team leader who kept us in line, the two weeks she was off i took control of the group. We assigned roles straight away and everyone was happy with what they got for there roles i got creative director so it was my job to think of a story, the narrative and the meaning behind the music video such as representation. With my artistic background i thought this would be the best job suited to my abilities.

We needed a song for our video so i had the job of searching for the music for our video. I went online and searched for some royalty free music







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