The code and conventions

Music videos follow certain things that make it a music video. These are classed as codes and conventions of certain videos. these fall in to 4 major categories…

  • Codes- Systems of putting over a meaning to audiences without using words to explain whats going on.
  • Conventions – The expected and accepted ways of doing a certain thing for a certain genre.
  • Elements- Different parts of a media product.
  • Signifiers-  These are certain objects scenes locations and music that make the audience believe or think a certain thing. For example if you was to see a person with a hood coming onwards towards  you would automatically think that he was there to mug you. So its whats you associate with certain things and symbols.

Of course all music has a certain genre and with every different genres comes different codes and conventions for that music video. For example In a rapping music video it will follow certain conventions that other raping videos do to impress and attract what the audience of that certain genre.

Generic conventions of a raping music video

An Urban setting- The raping genre originated withing the urban scene this is reflected within the music videos produced.

The group shot- Usually a group of people dancing with one person directly in front of the camera rapping.

Fast cuts- The fast cuts between shots are to keep up with the fast pass of the music. It the shots where to slow down it wouldn’t sync well with the fast rapping.

Usually little reference to the lyrics.

The objectified portrayal of women in music videos.

Generic conventions of a pop-punk music video 

An setting which is usually in a urban scene. A urban scene in the sense of a house.

It would feature large groups of teenagers.

The lead singer would usually for right in front of the camera with the microphone singing the chorus.

The camera would pan across the whole group making short stops and zooming in on there faces.

The audience is heavily aimed at teenagers so the songs would always feature some sort of teenage problem.

Generic conventions of Dance music

The extreme sexualization of women

Always featuring some sort of movement in the sense of dancing or something very active.

The active moments reflect the beat of the music.

The location of the video is in a closed place it rarely ventures outside a premade set.

Fast shots

Very vibrant colors very rarely dull.


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