Scripting Unit 24

Before a film is made commissioning has to be put in to effect. This usually consists of research, proposal and presentation. You have research, research your idea for a story find out background information and work on it.  Then you have to work on a proposal this proposal should include…

  1. A breif description of the story
  2. Where you wish to film
  3. An idea of the actors
  4. Budget (MOST IMPORTANT)

Then it goes to the proposal, a presentation that is pitched to a company where you would like your film to be made. They will then decide whether they would like to fund it or not.


Each  story you see follows a certain set of conventions this is known as the three act plot structure ….


In act one there are 3 main things that happen…

  1. The introduction of the protagonist and there ordinary world. This is at the start of the film its where the main character is introduced it should introduce a bit about its character what they are like personality wise. It also would introduce the world that the protagonist is living in for example in the film “kick-ass” the starting clip is a man in the city jumping off the roof. He is dressed as a superhero so we automatically think were in a world where people are superhuman with powers. We then find out that we are in fact in the ordinary world where people don’t have super powers all in the matter of 30 seconds that were in the ordinary world in which the audience live in.                       
  2. Next is the inciting incident this usually the point where the protagonist is involved in something where they have to make decision. This shows whats the protagonists wants, what the protagonists needs and what are there goals. Again I’m going to use kick-ass as an example. The scene where the main character is being mugged with his comic books stolen. His voice over explains that he’s fed up of being mugged and he feels that he wants to make a difference. 
  3. The turning point 1 within a movie is when a point in the movie in which something happens that changes the protagonists and creates a question that keeps the audience glued to the screen. In kick ass this is when the protagonists decides to help out this girl that he likes by responding to a letter as kickass. This opens up the question to the protaganist “should i carry on?” as he feels that its to dangerous when seeing other superheros.

Act 2

This is the point in the film which is usually 60 minuets long which is also filler. This is a major complication which affects the protagonist in which they will have to over come for act 3. In kickass this includes when the protagonist admits to the girl he likes thats hes kick ass then she tells him “dont be kickass” in which he takes redmist to bigdaddy and hitgirl (other superheroes) they get captured and bigdaddy dies (the problem).

Act 3

This draws towards the end of the film where the climax is then a resolution. In kickass this is when Hit girl decides to infiltrate the antagonists base and kill the mob boss. Yes in the end her and kickass blow the mob boss up with a bazzoka and then fly off into the sunset on a jetpack. In other genres like romance the climax and resolution usually involves a a public decloration of love humiliating the declarer.


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