Scripting unit 24- task 3

The main aim of my film to to raise awareness of AIDS and HIV in the LGBT community.

Story ideas-

  • Personal experiences
  • Favourite genre- I watch  lot of LGBT movies and they use the movies to show LGBT people in a everyday light and not as a stereotype.
  • Dreams
  • Previous Works
  • Experimental opportunity

With the initial idea of what i wanted the story to be i sought after films and tv programmes that would inspire me.

  • Latter days
  • queer as folk
  • get real
  • Mysterious Skin
  • Trick

These films all feature the same thing and that is showing the characters in a realistic light and not showing stereotypes.


‘combine or unite to form one organization or structure.’

People say you are connected to another person in life but some people never meet there significant other.

Main Characters 

Leander- (from oleander a toxic plant.) Young male conflicted with HIV/AIDS a virus that the highest rates in gay and bisexual men that shuts down the immune system letting life threatening diseases infect the body. He is a 26 year old man who is on the brink of death. He has short crew cut black hair with white pasty skin and is forced to wear a hospital gown. He’s fairly tall with a distinctive smile that makes him looks like he always up to something. With no family left as his parents disowned him when he told him that he was gay. He doesn’t have a positive outlook on life he waits everyday for his endless pain to stop and for him to be free. This character is inspired by one of the supporting cast members of one of my favourite shows “queer as folk” the character is constantly in pain and he lives at home unlucky for him he has to deal with the pain everyday and lives at home with sister.

Gage- (in Gaelic it means “God’s Holy Warrior”) Young male doctor that is caring after Leander. Above average looks with shabby brown hair. Always in his doctors uniform which he seems to be quite proud of. He walks down the corridors of the hospital acting proud like he owns the place. He is a openly gay man with his parents fully supporting him with a great and healthy life which he enjoys. But he hasn’t been that successful on the dating front.

The story as whole starts off with Leander in 2006 in a doctors office where the doctor tells him he has HIV his life from then on takes a turn for the worst when he loses his job and then when he tells his parents he was gay he got disowned. The story then picks up in his first day in many in hospital when he first meets doctor gage you can tell from Leander’s expressions that he feels some sort of affection towards gage. It then bases the story into a single hospital room where it shows Leander’s various visits to doctor gage varying from season to season. It then gets the point where Leander is forced to stay in hospital permanently as he has contracted a infection but because HIV affects the immune system so you could die from the simplest of colds. Leander has been told he has 2 weeks to live and he has to live them out in hospital. At this point Leander is going to welcome death with open arms. Gage feeling sorry for Leander decides to spend more time with him attempting to raise his spirits in his final weeks. In his final day gage has tons of patients to tend to whilst Leander sits there in agony. Knowing this May be his last hour alive gage spends it with Leander oblivious of the unknown bond they have. Leander dies at 10:34 pm on 13th of November. Amalgamate a link of a structure. Gage never got to know the link to a structure with Leander.

The setting for the film would be in a hospital room and the room will be featured at different time of the year (this being reflected by the room being decorated in different seasonal things).


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