Unit 23- multi camera

For multi camera production we have decided to create a a spoof talk show combined within a sketch show.

to do list–

What is multi camera technique use diagrams to illustrate

why do we use multi camera techniques

what are multi camera technues used for use secondary research

  • identify the different types of studio based multi camera productions, give briefly explanation of  each
  • identify the different types of location based multi camera productions. give briefly an example of each


What are some Multi camera techniques.

Multicamera is basically the practice of creating a piece using not just one camera but using reveal cameras. They could be either pre-recorded or live depending on what is being recorded for example when recording a sitcom it would be better to use pre-recorded footage because its an controlled environment and they might be problems with such things as the actors. Examples of products that use this techniques are…

  • News production- Within news production its a mix between pre-recorded and live footage




game show                                (EXPLAIN)



outside multicamera




fixed rig

reality tv


















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