Production Management

Charlie Bookers guide to tv.

It costs a lot – Low budget 47 thousand pounds

camera dude and sound up to 850 a day

researchers, runner , production manager – 1900 day


audio dubbers

clock the castle – 500 quid picture of something 50 need to clear everything rights and stuff


getting your idea on the tv

basically the commissioning process but more harsh with extra devastation.


employ people

budget for our FMP  10,000 grand imaginary budget.

Bectu the union for tv professionals


FMP use the commercial production rates on BECTU keeping it a 10, 000 pounds budget.

10hours a week on FMP 1 week at boa is one filming day

production folder for the FMP

public liability insurance

set budget for every production

camera equipment around birmingham

for the crew save money but for the client you have to tweak the numbers to get close to your slotted numbers.

Who we using and why within my FMP. D wants to know.



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