Music programming Unit 44


Music can be put into many categories, it determines what radio station its on and who listens to it. For example Kerrang plays rock, metal ,heavy metal etc. Whilst another radio station that caters for different musical tastes  would play things like R&B. It depends on the audience that’s listening to it at the time.  In class we decided to think of as many different musical genres as possible so i checked my iPod for different genres and came up with these..

  • Alternative- You me at six/ likin park
  • Dance- Manson/base hunter
  • Metal- Dragon force/ Metalika
  • Soundtrack- John Travolta/ Danny elfman
  • Mashup- DJ earthworm/ Daniel Kim
  • Punk-Blink182
  • Pop- ABBA

Due to me wanting to produce a show about musicals I looked on the web to see any regional radio stations that specialise in musicals and I came across a show by Elaine Paige on Sundays. Its a major radio programme that plays various music from on screen and stage productions started in 2004. With various other special guests from the industry . She attracts over 2 million listeners each week.

She has a section on her show to promote non mainstream shows called “brake a leg” she gives the opportunity to send an email in to the studio to have a pre recorded phone call to promote your show. I feel this is a great way to get listeners each week as it would draw in various types of listeners…

  • Musical lovers who would want to hear when and where new musicals are coming up.
  • Up and coming Musical theatre artists.  looking for productions to work for.
  • Reviewers
  • People wanting to promote there own show.


Another show I look into was the Craig Charles funk and soul show. For obvious reasons like me being a avid fan of red dwarf and robot wars I couldn’t help but research into what his radio show was about. The show features well known funk and soul songs from the 50’s to the 80’s he also works to promote new covers and remixes.

The show features no adverts and urges its listeners to send music requests trough social media, emails and tweets. After looking at the Wikipedia page for the show, it showed me all the features that are on the show…

  • Spinage a trios- A listener chooses the next three tracks to be played.
  • Slow cooking- A listener gets a “get a room tune”.

due to theses features its obvious that  Craig is very listener orientated. It seems that he connects with audience over a social media level as well.

He has even released an album of all of his favourite funk  and soul songs. 





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