Chillax Radio show

Me and Abby sat down to discuss what we could do for a second radio show so we discussed what songs and found a common genres of relaxed and just generally easy to listen to music.

We came up with a radio show that is for people who just came home from work so they can attempt to relax. The age bracket would be 25-45 as we would play modern music as well as music that is some older people would like.

the links we included in our  show where two major listener involved things one of theses things where…

  • Happy chappy- this segment featured listeners ringing in and sharing there  happy experiences. we did this to try and cheer up people who may still be on there way home from work
  • The daily  urrg- this segment features callers calling in and explaining bad things that happen in there life’s.  this lets listeners get things off there chest.

Jake: Whip out your jumpers, put a log on the fire place, because it’s time for Jake’s and Abby’s Chillax hour!

Abby: So for you people who are still waiting in the rush hour traffic, here is I want to go Home by Michael Buble.

… is I want to go Home by Michael Buble.

Jake: I know it’s the end of the day and we’re all feeling tired but send in your stories for the Dailey urggh. We will be reading out your worst jobs and experiences later on in the show.

Abby: Or on the other hand why not send in your best jobs and experiences for happy chappy. Share your thoughts.

Jake:  Sit down and relax because up next is Robbie Williams with Mr Bojangles.

… is Robbie Williams with Mr Bojangles

… ain’t no mountain high enough

Abby: That was ain’t no mountain high enough- it really puts you in a good mood eh Jake?

Jake: Definitely! I hope it’s cheering up you guys at home! Okay so here’s my Dailey urgh to show you listeners that there is always someone with a worst experience than you. I was on the train yesterday morning, so I was pretty tired and when I got up. I tripped over this lady’s bag and fell flat on my face. Everyone just stared at me in a pitiful way. So that was very embarrassing.

Abby: Poor you! All I can say is don’t worry, be happy!

… Don’t worry be happy

… Somethings got a hold on me

Abby: Linda has texted in saying that she was at a work conference today and while she was speaking with her boss she sat down and her chair broke leaving her lying on the floor with her boss in tears of laughter. Now that is embarrassing! We all feel your pain here in the studio so Linda this next song is dedicated to you.

…You don’t know me

Jake: It’s that time again, here’s is the King’s Corner with elvis’s amazing tune, Jail house rock!

…Jailhouse rock

Jake: Nothing beats the King! But you can beat stress! Here is Abby with some more useful tips for stress relief!

Abby: Well The UK workforce works the longest hours in Europe. The extra hours in the workplace mean that people aren’t spending enough time doing things that they really enjoy. Professor Cooper

recommends setting aside a couple of nights a week for some quality “me time” away from work. “By settingaside those two days, it means you won’t be tempted to work overtime on those days,” he says. So don’t let work get to you!

Jake: Wise words Abby. So unwind, listen to the chillax hour and spend some time having a Buble Bath with You and I

… You and I

Jake: Fredrigo texted in with his happy chappy. He found seventy quid on the floor which he says he will spend on going out and a Chinese at the end of the day with his mates. Have fun!

Abby: For a bit of country here is John Denver with country roads

…   John Denver with country roads

…. Jar hearts

Jake: Well that’s it for today’s show, we’ve had one last text in for the daily urghh. Eden has lost seventy pounds today. Ain’t that a coincidence!

Abby: Thank you for listening to the chillax hour with Abby and Jake, tune in tomorrow!

The chillax music show that we recorded on the last day of the Christmas term was great for the time we recorded it. All though we rushed it at the end of the term the script we produced was up to professional standards it had audience input and links to the songs we used. All together I feel if we decided to record and produce the music video we could of made the actual recording of video better. So It was a good radio show for the amount of time we had.


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