Commercial Production for Radio Unit 45- task 1

This week we started our radio segment of our broadcast course. the first unit was about radio commercials. We where discuss what made an radio advert and adverts that stuck in our head. Many people talked about go compare as it is quite annoying and sticks in your head due to a annoying jingle. We all agreed on genres radio adverts could have such as….

  • Emotional adverts: Adverts that appeal to the listener on a emotional level we used smoking and charity adverts as examples.
  • Humour adverts: These adverts use humour to appeal to the listener it shows a product in a positive humerus way.
  • Informative adverts: Adverts that teach the listener things and inform them of what the product does.

We then listened to some radio adverts and described what they did in them.

The first advert was an advert promoting a garden centre. In the advert there was two men both with thick accent’s talking about a garden centre. Many bad puns where added and it was very fasted paced.

the second advert was about bread. A woman explained the company what its for and who it is available to she had a calm soft accent.

Pleasure island advert used a male and female voices to appeal to both boys and girls. It had many different sounds such as  roller coasters.

These are just 3 examples of what we did in class. We then went on to talk about what makes a radio ad?

We all came to the same conclusion that a radio ad has to be descriptive as possible as there isn’t any visual aid to help the consumer view what product is being advertised. Being descriptive trough sound effects, music and actual describing can separate the good from the bad.

Analysis of modern radio commercials

In this Tesco advert they try and empathize the point that they reduce so many items by saying a list of items they have priced dropped. The voice over of the man is a voice actor named Chris Clarkson hes done adverts for big company’s such as  Gillette, DFS and bright-house this already gives the advert a well known voice that the audience can recognize.

In the advert the voice over describes that Tesco is dropping prices on certain items he then begins to list the items that are being dropped he says them in a quick fashion this gives the audience the impression that  there’s alot to get trough as hes speaking quickly. If the audience gets the impression that the voice over is rushing to list the items because there’s so many they will automatically think that Tesco is doing allot of deals.

Altogether i feel that tesco did a good job for there advert as there main point was clearly expressed and in a good and effective way.

The advert for cancer research features a woman speaking on a microphone at the beginning of the advert shes speaking in front of an audience i feel cancer researcher did this to represent the woman speaking to the whole of England about a serious subject. They use a male voice as well to wear awareness of both genders struggles with cancer. Theres crowds cheering in the background added as sound effects in post production. They used the cheers to show the overwhelming support the charity already has.

The woman gives clear directions and information about charity events in London this gives the listener all the information that they need if they want to raise money.

Comparison of different adverts

Bavarian Beer (1950)

In this advert it is a man and a woman singing to a retro type of music. After a while a conversation breaks in and the phrase “have you discovered” this shows the listened that its a beer that you and your friends will enjoy.

The unique selling point of this advert is that it says “its a mans beer” this automatically includes half of the population as there target audience. It appeals to them by saying its a mans beer, they automatically think by drinking this beer you will be classed as a man. It also appeals to the other half of the population as it then goes on to explain the woman liking the beer as well as the man. This is also gives the beer a sense of family, a sense that it cares about everyone.

Towards the end of the ad it gives the listener instructions or otherwise known as the “steps to satisfaction”. This involves the listener within the ad and gives them Direct order about the beer. Whilst giving the orders the man describes the beer in a way which would make the listener want the beer by describing it in ways like “fragrant aroma” and “clear inviting goodness”.

Red Top Beer : Cincinnati, Ohio (1950)

the advert starts at 2:05-2:25

This advert starts off with a man exclaiming the best things he enjoyed about the beer. He tells the audience that the beer is presented in a crystal clear bottle and says “its a hit”. This gives the beer an impression of purity as  its crystal clear and by saying “its a hit” would convince the general public that if its a hit if they drink it they would give in to social peer pressure and try the beer to see why its so good. The first popular priced beer, this gives the listener the impression that the beer itself must be cheap as its a popular price. By comparing it to champagne it is seen as a high class premium beer but for the middle and lower class as its a popular price.

The person speaking in the advert is a male in the 1950’s. In the 1950’s beer was considered a mans drink whilst women still had many different stereotypes around them.


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