Commercial Production for Radio Unit 45- task 3 & 4

This is our retro Minute Maid Advert please follow the link the listen to it.


Sound effects at beginning;

“in the depths of London one American man trys to sell lemonade”

‘Murican- Lemonade Lemonade anyone want to try my zesty lemonade

British- I love lemonade but I only take minute maid.

‘Murican- I sell Minute Maid it’s never delayed

British- Oh my god thanks, I am no longer dismayed

‘Murican- The depths South India is where it’s made.

       Only ever fresh don’t downgrade

        It’s only a dollar and it’s fair-trade.

‘Minute Maid Lemonade’.

*Opening bottle and clinking of glasses* ‘Ooooooh’.

Roles within the group


Gemma- Technical person

Lily- Project Manager


Jake- Creative Director

Write up of our advert

This was our advert for our radio unit of our course we were given the task of creating two adverts. The two adverts could advertise anything as long as it can be put on the radio and you can make one modern version of the advert and one retro version of the advert. In the planning stages of the project we decided to base our idea’s on a drink as we thought that it was an easy thing to advertise and we wasn’t relay restricted by anything as advertising drinks we could be very creative. We where looking into different drinks to advertise and we wanted to include a foreign accent to spice the advert up a bit. Callum our  scriptwriter knew of an american lemonade company known as Minute-maid lemonade a company  founded in america in 1945. They specialise in making various drinks that are in powder form.

Our original idea was to include an American an Australian and a British man on a beach all trying to sell lemonade but we decided to scrap that idea as it didn’t make sense as it wasn’t strutted that well.
Following on from the original idea of having a person with an accent on a beach trying to sell lemonade. Knowing one of the characters had to be American so we decided to have an Australian lifeguard who’s just saved the life of a American woman who offers to buy him a minuet maid lemonade as a present. The advert was full of hidden innuendos and that’s why it was scraped straight away as it was deemed slightly inappropriate for radio.

So when we were all down struggling for ideas I wrote a short script using a rhyming dictionary with each line rhyming to give it a more whimsical and light hearted feel. We decided this was a good script so as a group we decided to go with our original concept of having a american person trying to sell the lemonade but because we where trying to reach a British audience we had the setting in the depths of London. It was originally in a market setting but changed close to the actual recording to make it sound like an epic movie with “In the depths of London” and have it like an opening up the plot. Also in the original version we had our groups trademark “OOoooOOo” at the end and yet again decided to remove it as it is completely ridiculous and not relevant.To distinguish the modern advert form the retro advert the retro ad was said in a bad american accents played by me and a very old British man played by Callum. For our modern advert i played an average man whilst Callum played an over exaggerated american man sounding as epic and dangerous as possible to the same script.

The music for the retro advert was  taken off of beds and beats and the music was under the “promo” section I felt the music for we choose was perfect for the ad as it sounded like elevator music it was the perfect blend of old fashioned jolly and tolerable.The Music for the modern advert was crucial  as the music had to fit perfectly with callums voice to make it sound as epic as possible. We found another perfect track the was a light rock sound to empathise callums voice.

We didn’t use any  sound effects for our our advert as we thought they where unnecessary.

Altogether I thought our advert did perfectly what we wanted to do. I asked my group if all together they where impressed and glad with what we did and they where. The improvements I would make is i think we could add a couple of sound effects to the modern advert. Maybe a couple of explosions to empathise the feel of the advert.

At the end of the unit I feel I have understood how to create adverts for radio. Using audio  such as sound effects and descriptions is essential to create a complete and successful advert. Without utilizing theses features you wouldn’t be able to successfully set a feel of an advert without using visuals.

The most difficult thing to do with this advertising unit was probably editing the adverts to make them fit well together with the music and recorded voice. I am disappointed that our recorded audio in a few bits was over shined by the backing track because it was difficult creating a balance between audio and music and this helped me with editing the audio for our modern advert later on.

Things I found easy was the actual recording of the adverts. With a script it easy to just record the audio and with friends its easy to get distracted but surprisingly knowing my group we actually got work done.


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