Unit 41 news production for radio- Task 1

We where set the task of creating our own news report for the radio. It had to include 5 types of news this included…

  1. General news- that would appeal to everyone e.g. The Syrian crisis.
  2. political news- news that involve politics.
  3. Business news- News about the economy.
  4. Regional news – News that apply’s to a certain region of the country.
  5. Entertainment news- Articles around celebrity’s and entertainment.
  6. Niche reporting- News about Health, science, technology, women’s, children and travel.
  7. Crime reporting- News about crime, this news shouldn’t be taken lightly.

My news report turned out well it didn’t quite hit the 2 minuet mark but i enjoyed doing it.

“Good morning im Jake wise and this is

Whats wise with Jake wise

In recent news a roadside bomb has struck a bus in Syria killing 19 people. A local government has this to say “Its not clear why the bus was targeted but Syria’s civil war has left over 100,000 people dead”.

In Great Barr a care worker and her boyfriend stole an elderly residents debit card. They withdrew the residents £3000 savings  by going on a 72 hour shopping spree.

On the political side of things Boris Johnson has claimed “forcing children to wear burkas to school is against our country’s values of liberty”. He was speaking after it emerged a number of secondary schools have forced children as young as 11 to wear full coverings outside of school.

in sport Sebastian Bower set the new world speed record for any man powered bicycle reaching over 80 MPH.

Lastly in entertainment Kanye West makes the BBC iron his carpet before his performance. He literally tore up the stage according to reports he didnt like the performance space and demanded it be rebuilt for his specifications.

WAIT news just in

13 shot at park in Chicago including a 3 year old boy who was shot in the head. No fatality’s.

Uk government borrowing fell by 1.3 billion in august this was less than expected.

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that all from me and remember stay classy Birmingham.”


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