Malta Mobility Project

This year I have been given the amazing opportunity to go over to Malta and film for the tourist board in the Malta mobility project. This work placement lasted over 2 weeks where we had to work with maltase students to create a video advertising Malta as a whole.

At the end of the 2 weeks we produced a short and sweet video that included a couple going around and experience all that Malta has to offer. Within my group we wanted to show the couple side of Malta, having our main audience being couples aged 25-45 looking for a break.  Our original idea was to create a scenario where a business woman and her partner would go on a business trip to Malta then split off and do a business holiday and a romantic holiday meeting up at the end for a wonderful night out. But we felt that with the footage we had we couldn’t effectively show that so we just went for the couples side of things. Me and my DOP came up with the idea of having flowing transitions to keep the video short and sweet whilst still showing what Malta had to offer with the movement of the video.

We went to many different locations over he two weeks gathering places to shoot, my personal favorite was somewhere called riviera bay where we had to time the shoot perfectly to get the ultimate shot in a ten minuet gap. We luckily down to my time management got the shot, this was the case in another location overlooking Valletta where we had to get there at 3 o’clock to get the sunset. I learnt allot about time management on this trip effectively managing a whole team around different locations was a learning curve in itself.

Across the two weeks we were left to our own devices giving us a taster of what it feel like to live on your own. I went in expecting it to be like a normal school trip but was pleasantly surprised when i felt like i was living on my own for a while. It gave me a new perspective on things and allowed me to grow as a person. There where some stressful times but on a shoot when is there never, our editing equipment was playing up so it caused ALOT of problems for our editor but we managed to create a product that had lower quality but its all we had at the time.

Overall it was a once in a lifetime experience in which i grew both practically and mentally. Developing my filming skills, living skills and communication skills. Hopefully this will help me in my pah trough life.


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