In my first couple of terms at boa my mind, beliefs and perspectives on things has dramatically Changed. My mind has been opened up to so many things. On the broadcast side of things I’m still trying to get to grips with what I want to do when i leave boa right now i think I’m living to much in the now and not thinking about the future. If it was possible if I had a role I would love to persue and dedicate my time to like being a editor I would but I feel that the problem for me at the moment is that I have nothing to strive for. I don’t bring that many unique talents to the classroom to be a respected specialist.My life is still at a standstill I’m wondering if I should persue my vision of becoming a video games journalist. I just need a little bit of assistance to help me on my way.

In the first half of the year i have managed to complete a verity of units with space for improvement in which i have improved to the best of my ability. I have started doing my own units such as unit 33 (stop motion). Other than that im on top of work granted it may take a while for me to do things (im just a bit slow)  but i will complete all work with no questions asked.

On the subject of extra curriculum work im doing for my self outside of collage ive decided to create a secondary blog dedicated towards my gaming stuff. I’ve also learned how to 3d model a bit just for my own personal gain to help me with the understandings of games.

In 5 years i see my self in america as a online video game journalist.





We’ll another year has gone by and another lesson has been learnt. What is that lesson you might ask? Well it’s quite simple really.

Only you can change your future

Now I know that sounds absolutely cheesy but in the industry I want to work in it couldn’t be more true. Starting off as a hopeless year 12 with no actual idea about what I wanted to do with my life, knowing that only I (with the help of some teachers at least) could take me to where I want to go. At the start of the year I went in wanted to become what everyone else wanted to do and that was filming. But as the year progressed and my skills grew, the thoughts on what I wanted to do changed.

I then had a think to myself and started to pursue becoming a video game journalist so I buffed up my blog and started to write some story’s (even if there basic it adds to my online portfolio). I thought it was something I could do that was both related to gaming and broadcast my two loves.
After doing it for a while I realised it was a very fun career to get into and it was rewarding. But I feel like I have to branch off a bit just to see what other things in the industry might interest me and after watching guardians of the galaxy I have been inspired to look into Sci-fi films but it’s just something to look into.

Other than that the work I produced in the first year I have to admit wasn’t up to my perfectionist standards so the work I produce this year will have to be ten times more better. Overall a great year.

This year I want to focus on everything after boa.



So this week i have been given the opportunity to go film for the malta mobility project which I’m excited for as i get the opportunity to work in a professional environment. Other than that i have multiple essays i have to complete about pre production and briefs. I have yet to start my FMP which I want to, i have a set idea in which i want to do. i was thinking of creating a stop motion animation revolving around a white blob the blob would transform and move around according to what the narrater is talking about.


we carried on working on all of our essays with the edition of malta research, BOA TV dutys, new film working with the actors, uni researching and multi camera. I have a lot of things going on at the moment so time management is key, and my one Achilles heel is time management.


I came in late due to traffic, it was multi camera day and we finally decided to try and make a production. Everyone zoomed off to there roles and everyone had a place within the production. I attempted to learn sound but Luke took over. I then went to try and auto cue but robin had to take over to create the script. I have never felt as useless as ever but its my fault for being late. A multi camera setup that can be 2 mins can actually take 2 hours to set up in the big picture. My skills within the studio have drastically improved since we stared refresh i have learnt a lot independently, for example one week i sat down on the vision mixer for 2 hours with craig and learnt what all the settings did like how to change someone purple. i will attempt to leaner graphics as it can be something i can specialise in which no one else would know i fiddled around with it a bit and it reminded me of 3DS MAX when i took my course in game design.










One thought on “Reflection

  1. Let’s get this journey on the road. See Mr D and let’s work on developing those skills, experience and confidence in your applications. We can develop all the areas you have highlighted during this term.

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