Notes for November 20

Back to the future

Introduction to main character

Ordinary world

Dramatic question
“Will he get back to the future

Turning point
Inciting incident

What to think about?

Opening montage
Protagonist -> other characters
-> traits in main character

Opening montage includes many clocks to reflect the theme of the movie “time” . It also includes many robots and technology to show its a fantasy sc-fi.
The introduction to the main character. He seems like an average teenager who likes music and plays an instrument an aspiring musician . The “Doc” character is introduced at the beginning but first appears on a telephone call mysteriously. When the teacher who gave out the tardy slips was describing him as “dangerous” this gives the doc a impression of a mysterious character that nobody in town trusts or socializes with.
There’s also an introduction to the protagonists love interest a typical love story where the to characters are discovering there love for each other.
The father of the protagonist is getting bullied by his boss and he can’t stand his ground. After that scene there’s a introduction to the rest of the protagonists family a nuclear family with a father mother and children. The mother is overprotective and cares a lot for her children.
The protagonist then receives a call from doc to meet him at the mall for an experiments. When he reaches the mall the doc is seen as not as a dangerous mysterious character but as a goofy professor with weird and wacky inventions.
His experiment which is a car that supposedly travels trough time when it reaches 88 miles per hour. It isn’t mentioned in the beginning that it travels trough time but rather decides to build it up for when the time travel takes place.
The doctor no longer seems goofy when his time machine actually works.
When the doc is explaining the time machine he mentions a date over and over Nov 5 1955 this sets up a plot point later on in the movie.
There was a plot point at the beginning where there was a new lady talking about stole by plutonium this was a set up to the scene where the doc explains he stolen the plutonium.

Set ups
Flyer about the clock being struck by lightning
Report as George does his homework
Grandad hits George with his car bird watching she’s the bird
They went to the enchantment under the sea dance she makes a comedy about if she didn’t go to the dance they wouldn’t of been born.

Set up and playoffs
Sci-fi and fantasy need set ups to emerge the audience in the world that is created.
Detective needs them to build the plot


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